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The Best Time To Replace Just About Everything

A great ‘at-a-glance’ guide to the estimated lifespan of over forty household items and there are a few surprises in there.

2.49M Estimated Coverage Views

7580+ social shares

41+ unique placements

How To Make Yourself Work When You're Not Feeling It

Ever get that fed-up feeling at work? You're not alone. Don't worry, getting your work mojo back can be simple. The hardest part is getting started - and science shows there are easy ways to get back on track.

592K Estimated Coverage Views

6480+ social shares

41+ unique placements

How To Cut 7 Fruits Like A Pro

Here's a simple guide to how to cut seven tricky fruits.

3.49M estimated coverage views

5240+ social shares

40+ unique placements

14 Scientific Reasons To Disconnect at The Weekend

Here's a look at precisely why making the most of you weekends is important, and how to do it.

369K Estimated Coverage Views

3650+ social shares

71+ unique placements

How To Get A Promotion (Without Working Longer)

The idea of working for a promotion can sometimes seem daunting; it often involves committing to long hours at work and competing with colleagues to land the big job.

1.73M estimated coverage views

2200+ social shares

51+ unique placements

8 Home Floor Plans From Cult TV Shows

How many more hidden rooms might there be in the Arrested Development model home? Where does Jonathan Byers keep his Clash records? Below we uncover the homes of 8 of our favorite shows.

2.77M Estimated Coverage Views

11200+ social shares

120+ unique placements

50 Ways To Relax Without Spending Money

Here are 50 tips to help you relax without worrying about another stressful thing - money!

2.12M Estimated Coverage Views

6360+ social shares

50+ unique placements

How To Haggle In The Modern World

If the idea of haggling brings to mind ancient marketplaces or creepy used car salesmen, it's time to think again. Haggling is a serious way to make your cash go further in the 21st century.

517K Estimated Coverage Views

1040+ social shares

21+ unique placements

41 Insane Facts About Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors has lead the revolution and continues to shake up life on the road. Here are a few facts about the company.

596K Estimated Coverage Views

1950+ social shares

45+ unique placements

Your Guide To A Stress-Free Bedroom

A guide to a stress-free bedroom and create the ultimate 'you time' retreat.

388K Estimated Coverage Views

2420+ social shares

41+ unique placements

Seven Vehicles To Survive The End Of The World

When the apocalypse comes you're going to need a set of wheels that will stand you in good stead for any eventuality - here are a few ideas.

1.36M Estimated Coverage Views

14600+ social shares

45+ unique placements

9 Natural Ways To Cure Jet Lag

For a host of other natural ways to ease your body into its new surroundings, check out this new guide to natural jet lag-busting techniques to ease your mind, body and soul into your vacation.

522K Estimated Coverage Views

1250+ social shares

28+ unique placements

Are You A Good Boss?

Being a boss sounds great, but in reality it can be a big challenge. With the right tools, you can help build a team that achieves great things.

1.68M Estimated Coverage Views

35300+ social shares

40+ unique placements

Should You Work For Yourself?

Setting up shop on your own is a big decision with lots of considerations, but the fist step is finding out whether it's the right move for you.

341K Estimated Coverage Views

3000+ social shares

50+ unique placements

10 Etiquette Rules For Flying Economy Class

Here's ten ways to make sure that nightmare fellow passenger isn't you!

1.57M Estimated Coverage Views

2660+ social shares

34+ unique placements

Are You A Good Listener?

We're all guilty of getting distracted or formulating our response rather than fully listening in conversations. But becoming a good listener isn't rocket science, and can be improved with practice.

401K Estimated Coverage Views

4110+ social shares

60+ unique placements

Around The World In 42 Hand Gestures

Brush up on your body language with this simple guide to some of the most common gestures from around the world.

2.28M Estimated Coverage Views

5740+ social shares

39+ unique placements

How To Pet-Proof Your Garden

For pet lovers, life without furry friends in just not an option - even when there’s a garden to consider. Not to worry! Just follow these easy pet-proofing steps to keep your pet safe when outside, and your garden safe from pets.

1.47M Estimated Coverage Views

2230+ social shares

50+ unique placements

A 1-Day Guide To 12 U.S. National Parks

Here are 12 U.S. National Parks to choose from, with tips to get the most out of your visit.

488K Estimated Coverage Views

132000+ social shares

37+ unique placements

8 Packing Techniques That Will Save You Space In Your Suitcase

To help you get as much joy as possible from your trip, here’s an infographic showing you 8 effective packing techniques to make packing for your next getaway stress-free.

1.01M Estimated Coverage Views

17500+ social shares

65+ unique placements

What Cars Would The X-Men Drive

The X-Men hold powers to control, destroy or save the universe. So their choice of cars should say exactly that. And of course, they need a few handy modifications to help them to stay ahead of their latest nemeses. So what car would they choose? And what mods do they need? We’ve matched up our favourite X-Men with what we think they would drive.

877K Estimated Coverage Views

15400+ social shares

45+ unique placements

How to Focus at Work in the Age of Distractions

Try the following tips to keep yourself focused and distraction free.

239K Estimated Coverage Views

538+ social shares

29+ unique placements

A Muggle’s Guide to Harry Potter Locations

You'll be glad to know all the locations used in the films are in the UK and most can be visited, so you can recreate your favourite magical Harry Potter moments.

791K Estimated Coverage Views

3200+ social shares

23+ unique placements

How To Grow Fruit All Year Round

Having a constant supply of fruit all year round may seem like the privilege of grocers or orchard owners, but luckily its not as hard as it seems. This guide shares 12 fruits that can be grown in your garden, which will supply a variety of fruit all year round that can be enjoyed fresh, sold, shared with friends or stored for a later date.

851K Estimated Coverage Views

980+ social shares

34+ unique placements

44 Ways To Be More Productive

By making changes to your daily routine, you can make it easier to achieve you goals. Here's 44 different ways to get started.

401K Estimated Coverage Views

1760+ social shares

37+ unique placements

6 Ways To Reduce Commuter Stress

For many of us, the daily commute is something to be endured rather than enjoyed. More often than not, it adds an undue amount of stress to our already demanding lives. To find out more on how to reduce commuter-induced stress, read the full infographic below.

261K Estimated Coverage Views

1580+ social shares

35+ unique placements

How Stressed Are You

Stress, as difficult as it might be to accept, is an important part of our lives. But too much stress, or feeling unable to cope with it, can take a serious toll on our wellbeing. Follow the flowchart below to find out if you might be suffering from serious stress.

506K Estimated Coverage Views

4600+ social shares

34+ unique placements

7 Speaking Habits That Will Make You Sounds Smarter

Does that mean we can sound smarter than we actually are? ABSOLUTELY.

804K Estimated Coverage Views

5580+ social shares

32+ unique placements

8 Things That Are More Important For Success Than Intelligence

According to research, personality traits are more accurate predictors of success than actual intelligence levels.

248K Estimated Coverage Views

25300+ social shares

29+ unique placements

How To Stay Calm When You Know You'll Be Stressed

Here are ways to keep stress at bay.

104K Estimated Coverage Views

674+ social shares

23+ unique placements

How People Eat Fries Around The World

From the messy to the mouth-watering, here are just some of the ways fries are eaten around the globe.

2.3M Estimated Coverage Views

2300+ social shares

39+ unique placements

Around the World in 15 Snacks

What do people around the world reach for when they want a quick fix? Find out in this tour of snacks around the world.

2.81M Estimated Coverage Views

1730+ social shares

58+ unique placements

Excel Tricks That Will Impress Your Boss

Here are some of the Excel tricks that will help you in job promotions and salary raises.

1.02M Estimated Coverage Views

6030+ social shares

70+ unique placements

9 Ways To Make Sure You Have Effective Meetings

In the US alone, $37 Billion is lost each year due to unproductive meetings. So here are the ways on how to hold effective meetings.

236K Estimated Coverage Views

8210+ social shares

40+ unique placements

How Much Energy You Need To Burn Off 8 Junk Foods

We know the calories are high and the nutrition's low, but how much of a workout is needed to burn it off?

2.39M Estimated Coverage Views

20600+ social shares

100+ unique placements

How Ocean Pollution Affects Humans

An infographic that shows the consequences of not taking care of our oceans.

2.1M Estimated Coverage Views

5530+ social shares

36+ unique placements

Boost Your Mood Using 5 Scientific Decorating Tips

Apply some of these principles to your home and you'll notice the difference immediately.

279K Estimated Coverage Views

10800+ social shares

29+ unique placements

8 Entrepreneurial Skills You Should Teach Your Kids

Our client developed a mobile phone tracking software aimed at parents, and wanted to launch a campaign to connect to modern parents. In this infographic we compiled the top entrepreneurial skills that parents should teach their kids in the hopes of building the next generation of leaders.

18000+ social shares

50+ unique placements

499K Estimated Coverage Views

What Successful Business Leaders Eat For Breakfast

Our client wanted us to create an inspirational infographic to motivate SME business owners and entrepreneurs around the world. We decided to cover the basics and compiled the breakfasts and morning routines of successful business leaders.

10300+ social shares

60+ unique placements

1.26M Estimated Coverage Views

A Newbies Guide To A/B Testing

An infographic allowing digital marketers maximize their web traffic by making informed decisions on their strategy.

269k Estimated Coverage Views

6370+ social shares

42+ unique placements

10 Curious Customs From Dinner Tables Around The World

Our client is a peer-to-peer rental platform, which serves as a middle point to connect travellers and hosts in over 2000 cities across the world. This campaign was launched in 3 languages: English, Spanish and Italian — targeting travellers and lifestyle publishers.

19400+ social shares

95+ unique placements

2.17M Estimated Coverage Views

The Evolution Of The Rugby Player

An infographic analyzing data from players of the England national rugby union team to see how players are now harder, better, faster and stronger than they've ever been before.

9170+ social shares

47+ unique placements

3.54M Estimated Coverage Views

How Much Is Your Coffee Addiction Costing You

Our client wanted a piece of content that would touch upon the excessive amount of money people spend on a daily basis. Our ideation team found some interesting statistics about coffee consumption in the UK. We decided to delve deeper, coming up with a concept around the nation’s addiction to coffee.

1200+ social shares

35+ unique placements

569K Estimated Coverage Views

7 Essential Excel Tricks Every Office Worker Needs To Know

Our client offers Microsoft Office training to small/medium sized businesses. They wanted a piece of visual content that would focus on Excel – their biggest revenue earner. One of the big problems with Excel is how complicated it can be, with a lack of even basic understanding from the vast majority of office workers. We decided to utilise this pain point, fixing the problem to improve the efficiency of the world – one Excel trick at a time.

6800+ social shares

65+ unique placements

822K Estimated Coverage Views

10 Ways To Fall Asleep On A Plane

With the simple tricks in this infographic, you'll dozing off in no time.

4.97M Estimated Coverage Views

39700+ social shares

70+ unique placements

Which Indoor Plant Is Right For Your Home?

This infographic aimed at interior design lovers achieved fantastic results during the promotion stage.

51400+ social shares

44+ unique placements

6.97M Estimated Coverage Views

Do We Have To Work 8 Hours Per Day?

We created this infographic to support the marketing objectives of our client, who is in the project management sector. They are an online work platform, so we knew we needed to tackle a topic that would appeal to careers/HR/management editors of some of the biggest business magazines.

28000+ social shares

36+ unique placements

791K Estimated Coverage Views

14 Furniture Arranging Tricks That Will Make Your Home Feel Bigger

An infographic we produced for a leading interior design firm with the home & living audience in mind.

15600+ social shares

27+ unique placements

332K Estimated Coverage Views

Driving Etiquette Around The World

Jumping behind the wheel abroad can be a surprising minefield of of rules and manners. So here's a guide to driving etiquette around the world.

1.27M Estimated Coverage Views

5190+ social shares

25+ unique placements

A Female Guide to Solo Travel

The benefits of a female solo travel and why you should give it a go.

346K Estimated Coverage Views

3830+ social shares

36+ unique placements

The Anatomy Of A Perfect Checkout Page

We’ve put together this handy infographic that pinpoints the key elements to a successful checkout page which can help when planning your testing process. Don’t rely on luck and guesses – test, plan and strategically experiment with your process to ensure your sales match up with your web traffic.

9280+ social shares

110+ unique placements

676K Estimated Coverage Views

Business Etiquette Around The World

Our client is one of UK's leading corporate travel management companies, so we wanted to help them connect to their target audience. That's the reason why our team put together a visual guide to help business travellers make the best out of every meeting and trip. Our team compiled a series of basic etiquette and business manners based on Forbes' top 100 countries around the world. The results were outstanding!

Practical value + Laser-targeted audience focus

30+ unique placements

How To Keep Your Kids Safe On A Smartphone

Our client developed a mobile phone tracking software aimed at parents, and wanted to launch a campaign to connect to potential customers. In this infographic we covered a series of practical advice on how to protect your kids on smartphones and tablets. The content has proven to be successful not only within the parenting community, but also with the technology/mobile/gadget sector. A double win for the client!

105,400+ impressions

45+ unique placements

How To Get A Deal On A Private Jet

Our client was in the personal loans sector and wanted to target travellers, so we knew that a piece covering personal finance and budgeting for travel would be a great way to connect with our client's audience. In this infographic we covered how to get a ride on a private plane for a lesser price.

Entertaining + Actionable advice

25+ unique placements

121,600+ impressions

The Future of Contraception

Our client wanted to increase awareness of sexual health as a way of establishing thought leadership within the healthcare community — particularly in regards to contraception, which is a sensitive topic to be openly discussed online. Our infographic attracted the attention of publishers across a range of sectors by exploring the future of both male and female birth control methods.

Educational + Entertaining

61000+ social shares

20+ unique placements

An Ultimate Guide to European Street Food

We knew from our research that street food was a trendy topic that resonated well with publishers. Each country in Europe has their own take on this type of cuisine, so the topic would appeal a wide audience. We produced our ultimate European street food guide in English, Spanish, German, Italian and French, matched with digital PR for each region. To our knowledge this is the first infographic campaign that was outreached in 5 languages at the same time.

Outreached in 5 Languages

60+ unique placements

How To Be The Best Boss

We wanted to create an infographic that would help employers reconnect with the fundamentals of good management. This way we would be able to target those sectors relevant to our client: business, human resources, recruitment, startups, entrepreneurship, among others.

Winning combo of reliable stats and solid practical advice

11200+ social shares

28+ unique placements

How To Be A Google Power User

Search engines are the backbone of everyday internet use, but are you aware of the hidden tips and tricks available to improve your search? Here are some pointers that'll save you Googling "How to Google." This infographic certainly added something new to a topic that we knew our client's target audience really cared about.

Actionable content + Modular design

956000+ social shares

120+ unique placements

Herb Guide To Cooking

As any chef worth their salt knows, the right combination of herbs and spices can make or break a dish. But for cooking novices, using herbs can be scary and confusing. In this guide, we’ll show you which staple herbs should be on your cupboard shelf, and which ingredients they each work well with.

Practical Value + Inspirational

151000+ social shares

60+ unique placements

Around The World In 31 Coffees

The travel space is full of me-too type content and our client wanted to stand out above the crowd by creating something that truly inspired their audience. We always start any research by outlining the audience desires and problems, that’s how we quickly learnt that ordering coffee when travelling has proven to be quite difficult. We aimed to provide a fix through visual content knowing that if done right, this audience would happily do the vast majority of sharing for us.

6.9M+ Potential impressions / Social media reach

50000+ social shares

60+ unique placements

How Gaming Makes You A Better Person

Our client was a major supplier of arcade machines and wanted to launch a campaign to connect to potential customers. As gamers ourselves, we decided to prove that playing games isn’t as counterproductive as most people may think. In this infographic we covered how you can actually improve your body and mind with your next gaming session. The content has proven to be successful not only inside of the UK but around the world, achieving placements in different countries - from Hungary to Mexico.

Statement with proof

35000+ social shares

40+ unique placements

13 Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Infographics [Interactive]

This was our first truly interactive infographic and a test to see whether interactive content could provide value in line with its higher development costs. We are pleased to say that this HTML5 interactive has been the first of many and as the “client” for this particular piece of work, we still benefit from both social/links/traffic even though it went live 14 months ago.

Ranks #4 for “interactive infographic” in Google/US

27000+ social shares

650+ unique placements

356k+ Unique visitor experiences

Referring sites:

Harvard Business Review, TheNextWeb, Arts Council England, CreativeBloq, Copyblogger, Huffington Post