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Our content consistently secures coverage on top-tier publishers, such as Lifehacker, The Sun, FOX News, Huffington Post, Business Insider, and Mail Online.

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Our Guarantee

If we don’t meet the agreed number of quality media features, you will receive a new campaign for free until we do. Pricing packages are based on the results we achieve for you.

How It Works?

Ideation Stage

In an initial 40 min onboarding call, you share your business goals with us.

After this call our team jump straight into generating ideas. We build on our experience of over 1,200 campaigns and use tools for data gathering across the web. Read more about our ideation process here.

You get:
  • 3 content ideas with explanations on why they’re relevant to you and why they’ll work.

All ideas have a visual element, whether it’s a printable poster or a series of concept cars or architectural plans or videos - we will create whatever it takes to help us achieve quality media features.

We move ahead to create content only when you’re crazy excited about an idea.

“The team at NeoMam know how to make every campaign effective — an ability few other agencies can lay claim to. Since day one, NeoMam have understood our highly specific needs and have produced and outreached stunning visual assets that always yield real, measurable results.”

Joe Jamieson

Content Manager
Work the World

Content Stage

After you've chosen your idea our team pull together initial research including facts and data.

We reach out to experts to provide independent research and feedback.

  • A Word document presenting the narrative and including the data and facts gathered from research, outreach or surveys, plus relevant sources.

Design Stage

Visuals speed up the time it takes for a reader to understand.

It takes 1/10 of second to understand a visual versus 60 seconds to read 250 words.

Moreover, visual formats increase pickup by journalists. Plus, each image we produce is developed under Creative Commons 4.0 International License, which requires appropriate credit with a link.

  • A design style sheet for your approval
  • After approval of the design style sheet, we create the final design and share it on Invision, so it’s easy to provide feedback and discuss final touches.

“ They certainly do have their ear to the ground with regards to knowing what the media and internet wants. This insight has helped produce fantastic infographics that have captured the attention of many large publications, bloggers and social media influencers. I would highly recommend them as a content marketing solution for any company’s marketing needs.”

Tony Tie

Senior SEO

Testing stage

Before we hit up journalists we test your content with a real audience of at least 1000 people using Reddit.

Based on their feedback, we make adjustments so we’re confident about your content’s success – even before we start pitching.

Read more about our testing process here.

Promotion Stage

Before the final design is complete, we draw up a list of journalists, editors and bloggers who’ll be interested in your content.

We also hit up our relationships with major publishers who we have shared similar content for us in the past.

Your content gets picked up by a range of sites from big media sites to niche blogs related to your specific content.

  • An outreach strategy overview document PDF – see example
  • Real-time updates via email as big placements go live.
  • A final report provided by CoverageBook that includes both a PDF and Excel with all pieces of coverage - see example

"It's been amazing working with NeoMam on our content marketing projects. They have an outstanding ability to not only create interesting and engaging content, but then to follow it up with successful promotional campaigns."

Sean Myers

Senior Digital Marketing
Enova International

ABOUT OUR GUARANTEE Every project has a total number of links we guarantee across the entire campaign.

Guaranteed results are based upon the average over 3 campaigns so some projects may perform better than others.

  • From sites with a MOZ DA 25+
  • Not paid for
  • Not submission sites

The truth is that most campaigns go far beyond the minimum number of features guaranteed.

But if you don't receive the guaranteed number of links within 3 campaigns, then we will continue to produce and promote content until we hit it.

Our work has been featured all over the world



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Frequently Asked Questions

What quality do you achieve with your placements?

We aim for the biggest possible sites such as online editions of newspapers, but every campaign provides a mix of different sites. We don’t count towards the guarantee any features from domains with lower Domain Authority than 25. You can see a sample report here and here.

Is the service right for me?

You get most out of our work if you get at least 100k organic visits each month from organic search and have at least one team member dedicated to SEO.

Do you ever pay for features?

The short answer is no, our goal is to achieve editorial links over the long term, without the risk of algorithm penalties. Read our long answer here.

Will I just work with junior team members?

Our entire team is seven people and we all work together on every client campaign. Experience wise, Danny Ashton (CEO) and Gisele Navarro (Operations Director) have 18 culmulative years of experience creating and pitching content. Read more about our team here.