by , January 18, 2021

NeoMam Jealousy List 2020: The 28 Best Campaigns We Didn’t Produce

Every year the Bloomberg Businessweek’s team publishes a compilation of the great pieces of journalism produced by other news organisations “that left their team sick with resentment”.  I’ve been following these lists since their very first instalment and every time a new Jealousy List goes live, I think to myself, “someone should put together one […]

by , July 30, 2020

10 Lessons Learned After Running an Agency for 10 Years

We produced our first proper “client” work back in October 2011: (don’t judge!) We did produce a few projects for my own sites and for people I knew before that but YouTube Killed TV was the first campaign we launched for an actual lead that contacted us through our site.  All this to say that […]

by , December 11, 2019

What is Digital PR?

  This article was last updated in February 2021 after Google’s John Mueller publicly stated that he thought it was a pity that digital PR often gets bucketed with spammy link building.  A couple of years ago Danny asked me to write an article about digital PR so that we could rank for the term, […]