Visual content that gets links.

The Public Toilet Index

We gathered data from toilet-finding tool PeePlace to count the number of restrooms in different parts of the world and used official population figures to calculate the number of restrooms per 100,000 people.

Talent Swap

We explored employee profiles on Linkedin for a selection of tech companies to find which tech giants attract the most talent from competitors.

Faces of Fashion

A photo study that revealed the average face of a Vogue cover girl across different countries.

Crypto Countries

Assessing NFT interest and sentiment around the world for a financial services company

Cyber Fairytales for Modern Kids

Reimagining four popular children’s books to teach kids about internet safety.

Movie Hotels Floor Plans

Highly detailed floor plans for Expedia featuring the layouts of hotel rooms from popular films

Timescape Series

Animated travel posters for Expedia Canada that imagine a world where time travel is a possibility.

Ancient Ruins Reconstructed

A series of GIFs for Expedia.com that restore famous ancient ruins to their former glory.

Surveillance Cities

Working with Surfshark to show just how pervasive surveillance cameras are around the world.

Vespa Concepts

Renderings for Jennings Harley-Davidson that transfer the design language of the Vespa into different types of motorcycles.

Dream Bedrooms

Kids around the world drew their dream bedrooms so we could bring them to life

Iconic Buildings Reimagined

What 7 iconic buildings would look like in different architectural styles.

Evolution of Kitchen Design

Tracing the kitchen’s journey through five centuries for HomeAdvisor

Complained About Tech

Processing over 3 million tweets to uncover the most complained-about apps around the world

Pop Culture Polly Pockets

Working with TheToyZone to bring some of the most iconic TV and film interiors in the world of Polly Pockets.

Literal World Map

A world map featuring the meaning behind the name of every country. Campaign for Credit Card Compare.

Ruined Castles Rebuilt

A series of GIFs for On Stride digitally restoring ruined castles in the UK back to their former glory.

One Cow Explains Business

Eight simple illustrations for The Business Backer that explain different business models with the help of a cow.

World Beer Index

A map for Expensivity.com showing the price of a 330ml bottle of beer in supermarkets and bars around the world.

Atelier Décor

A series of renderings that bring the rooms of famous paintings to life

Film Directors Travel Posters

Travel posters designed for The Big Domain in the signature visual styles of seven film directors.

Best Rated TV Shows

A world map showcasing the most popular TV show in every country, based on IMDb user ratings

Plants You Can’t Kill

Animated video for HomeAdvisor detailing which houseplants to pick for each room of the home.

Lost in Translation

Illustrated calligrams for Expedia.com explaining the literal meaning of idioms in twelve different languages.

The Heart of the TV Home

3D floor plans for HomeAdvisor showcasing the unique layout of the most beloved kitchens from TV.

Career Lessons From Founders

An infographic for Resume.io that dissects career-related quotes from successful founders into practical how-to tips.

Panoramic Properties

Analysing house prices in all 50 states to discover whether particular scenic views add a premium to the cost of a home for American Home Shield

Cult TV Floor Plans

Detailed illustrated floor plans for for Homes.com featuring the layouts of homes from popular TV shows.

The United States of Cussing

Analysing tweets from all 50 U.S. states and 320 cities to find out which swear words are most popular across the country

Cars That Never Die

Illustrated posters showcasing the design evolution of some of the longest surviving car models for Budget Direct Car Insurance.

Most Visited Websites

Uncovering the most visited website in every country for a web hosting provider

Drowning in Clothes

Using visuals to put textile waste into perspective.

The Simpsons X Wes Anderson

The most memorable interiors from The Simpsons redesigned in the style of a Wes Anderson movie for HomeAdvisor.

Most Popular Emoji

Analysing 9 million geotagged tweets to determine the most used emoji worldwide

A New House for The Simpsons

Series of illustrations for HomeAdvisor that re-imagine The Simpsons’ house in different architectural styles.

The Price of Happiness

Uncovering the countries where happiness costs the least for a personal finance publication.

Alternative Apps

Identifying the most and least data-hungry apps across 18 app categories for Surfshark

Oldest Companies

Mapping the oldest company in nearly every country that is still in business for BusinessFinancing.co.uk

The Simpsons’ Living Room Makeover

A project for HomeAdvisor re-imagining The Simpsons’ living room in modern décor styles.

Google Power User

Infographic for WhoIsHostingThis sharing a series of hacks, tips and tricks for Google users.

The Evolution of Camera Phones

Visualizing how the quality of mobile phone cameras has evolved.

How Pets See Your Home

A set of images for HomeAdvisor showing how your pets see their surroundings at home, based on the latest scientific research.

Monster Residences

Using desk research to uncover the biggest residential home in every U.S. state for Angi

Watch Manhattan Grow

An animated visualisation of the explosive growth on the island of Manhattan over the course of 400 years

Alternate Central Park

3D renderings that show what Central Park could have looked like had the runner-up proposal been selected.

iCar Concepts

Concept iCars for ClickMechanic inspired by some of Apple’s most iconic products.

Tesla Model 2

Designing and rendering the Tesla mini-car we were promised but never materialised

The Sounds of Earth

Photo manipulations for Expedia.com that visualise the sounds of popular travel destinations worldwide.