International Outreach — The Hero’s Journey

BrightonSEO 2014 International Outreach

A few weeks back I had the chance to speak at BrightonSEO; it was a fantastic opportunity for us to share what we do and how we do it. I thought of just sharing my slides but then I realised that without the story behind them, the deck would be worthless. Below you’ll find a little video, […]

Want to work for NeoMam as a Research Producer?

research job neomam

Job Description Here at NeoMam we’re looking to recruit a research producer to join our creative team. This is a new role so you’ll have the chance to shape the way you work and really make a mark. Yours will be a key role – a mix of journalistic integrity, creativity and commitment to quality. […]

You WILL Remember That Infographic: A Response To AJ Kohn

Your Brain Loves Infographics

I’ve always respected AJ Kohn, who has been an active and sane voice within the world of online marketing/SEO throughout my career. However, I feel that I should write a response to this latest post: as he mentioned a few things that I wholeheartedly disagree with. AJ’s main assumption is that the infographic is […]

How to go from intern to designer


So you’ve done the hard work and managed to get yourself an internship. You’ve impressed someone enough to let them give you desk space for a month or two, but how can you show them that they should hire you full time? I am no expert. I’ve only managed to go from intern to full […]

How to Secure a Graphic Design Placement


Spring is an extremely exciting time for soon-to-be graduate designers. Many are looking for a placement, internship or job within a design agency. It can also be pretty nerve-racking. So, I have put together some advice on how to use this time and experience wisely, drawn from the early days in my own career, to […]

NeoMam Studios Project Manager Needed

the neomam office

We are looking to hire a talented project manager for a full-time role in our Northern Quarter, Manchester office. We need a smart and skilled project manager to help make sure our projects run smoothly from ideation to promotion. You’ll collaborate with the Director of Operations and other team members. Job Description Responsible  for the […]

War of the Clichés. Do they have a place in design?


It’s that time of year again – Valentine’s Day. Wives and girlfriends insist they don’t need a card, chocolates or flowers. Husbands and boyfriends aren’t quite sure if this is true, or if this is one of those occasions when they should do the opposite of what they’ve been told. Guys – take note: Neither […]

Where’s the ‘B’? The what, why and how of effective design


  I grew up in the rural idyll of mid-Wales. My recent career move to Manchester has led to big changes in lifestyle. I now commute over an hour by car and train; walk past hundreds of people on the short trek from the station to the office; and see design everywhere – billboards, adverts, […]

The NeoMam team’s best infographics of 2013


What better way to wrap up the year (and my last day), than a look our favourite and best infographics, websites and content of the year. Sean – Content Manager 17 Reasons Why Canada is a Better Place to Live than the USA “It’s got a cool design and the idea has tons of North […]

An Interview with Infographic Designer Santosh Kushwaha


Veteran infographic designer, Santosh Kushwaha shares his infographic experiences, freelancing tips and design insights.   With years under his belt, Santosh is an infographic designer who has perfected his design craft. Working with complex and demanding news topics, Santosh has used quality information design to convey the story to the masses. We asked Santosh a […]