6 Content Promotion Lessons From Pitching 1000 Infographics

After promoting over 1000 infographics, our media relations team have learnt several lessons. In this post each member of the team will share some techniques on how to promote visual content and how these steps have helped us get results.

We have used an example throughout the post: The Herb Guide to Cooking Vegetarian, a campaign that started very slow, but by following these 6 steps, ended up securing placements on large publications, including Huffington Post, UK and US.   

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How to Make an Infographic

Despite having been on the scene for a while now, infographics are still a big part of the media landscape, as proven by the recent viral sensation ‘What Happens One Hour After Drinking a Can of Coke’ and its various spinoffs.

According to BuzzSumo, the original infographic has been shared over 108.9K times across social media since going live this July.  

your body an hour after coke results

In this post, I am going to share with you how we as an agency make infographics that get picked up across the web. I hope our overview will provide the requisite knowledge and inspiration to produce your own results-focused infographics. When most people think of infographics they think of the design, but this is just one stage of the entire process. The first stage everyone needs to work on is what is the idea what information/story are we looking to show?

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How to Brainstorm Content Marketing Ideas

This is part 4 and the final blog post series about developing concepts for content marketing.

In the last 3 blog posts, you gained insight into the audience you are targeting and your information should now be organised in a spreadsheet like this: http://bit.ly/1RXgemI

It makes sense to invest a lot of time in the information-gathering stage so that in the future, you can simply provide updates but you will still have a core understanding of the content needs for your specific audience.

So how do you develop ideas using this dossier of knowledge?

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7 Leadership Lessons for Agencies from Alex Ferguson

There are few managers who can rival the successes achieved by Sir Alex Ferguson in his 26 years at the helm of the world’s biggest football club. Having successfully made the transition from sports to academia with a position as a visiting professor at Harvard Business School, providing a guiding hand to the next generation of blue-blooded business elites, I was curious to see whether his insights could be applied to companies like ours.


Alex 1My job was to make everyone understand that the impossible was possible. That’s the difference between leadership and management.”

– Sir Alex Ferguson



In his new book, Leading, co-authored with Sir Michael Moritz, chairman of Silicon Valley angel-investment firm Sequoia Capital, Ferguson provides a blow-by-blow account of the challenges he had to face to graduate from a mere manager to a game-changing leader.

For anyone looking to become an effective leader, here are 7 ways to extract that extra 5% from your team.

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Identifying the Problems of Your Content Audience

This is part 3 of my blog post series about developing concepts for content marketing.

Over the past 5 years of creating content, we have found that practical content ideas perform really well – even if they only make someone’s life 0.01% better.

It’s not just our experience that tells us this. In his 2011 book, Contagious, Jonah Berger identifies practical value as one the key factors behind ideas that get shared. He explains that it’s to do with the natural desire within all of us to help others. By sharing practical value content, you know that the person you are sharing it with will get some value and that in turn makes you feel good.

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NeoMam Hall of Fame: ‘7 essential Excel tricks every office worker needs to know’

Here at NeoMam we launch an average of 3-6 campaigns a week. From static infographics and animated videos to multilingual projects, we have a fair share of experience in the production and promotion of visual content. However, we rarely share our success stories with the marketing community and so have decided to start the NeoMam Hall of Fame.

Starting this month, we are going to share some of the exciting campaigns we have been working on and the results we have been achieving for our clients. Opening with – 7 Excel tricks every office worker should know.

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The Art of Planning a Content Promotion Strategy

When it comes to promoting content online, it’s easier said than done, and part of my role here at NeoMam Studios is to ensure that I contact those publishers and editors who actually want to see the content we’ve produced.

Many of you reading this will think that when working with a travel-related piece of content, the way to go would be to reach out as many travel blogs as possible… but in actual fact those are probably not the type of sites you want to focus on.

You’d be surprised at how far content can travel across different sectors, as one topic might have multiple touch-points across several niches. When it comes to prospecting for publishers/bloggers, expanding on our main target audience is key to the success of our content marketing campaigns.

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How to Use Chunking to Generate Content Ideas

Before you produce any content, you first need to ask yourself one important question, ‘What do I hope to gain from this?’ In most cases, it’s usually that you want to attract more prospects, which in turn leads to more sales.

Disclaimer time: my background is working in SEO and the primary goal of my content marketing campaigns always was links, links, links; big media placements that encouraged long term ranking in Google, and it didn’t really matter who the primary audience was.

We now live in a world where this type of ‘link building’ is far less effective and has a limited shelf life due to the changes in the Google algorithm. Campaigns need to possess significant marketing value that stretches beyond just the links themselves.

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