Case Studies

Here’s what our clients have to say.

How an established online loan provider worked with NeoMam to improve their search rankings with the aim of boosting year-on-year revenue.

CashNetUSA is the flagship brand of Enova International.

It was among the first short-term lenders to provide cash advances and installment loans to consumers over the Internet.


  • Over 270 features across 12 months, with an average Domain Authority of 42
  • 4.8m coverage views
  • MSN, Fox News, Lifehacker, Business Insider, Yahoo! News and Huffington Post

“We had issues with Penguin and negative SEO, so we came to NeoMam to counteract these forces with strong, natural links. We felt confident in our on-page and technical SEO, so we wanted someone that specialized in building links with content.

Other agencies did not produce the results that NeoMam do, the service certainly exceeded my expectations. After unsuccessfully attempting to do content marketing in-house, I was convinced that it was impossible to do for our company. NeoMam proved me wrong. They consistently achieve placements and links, and very strong ones at that!

Working with NeoMam is a dream: They are responsive, positive and competent. They are open to feedback and understand that we know certain things about our industry and customers that can help improve the content.

In terms of results, we’ve seen great improvements in rankings for top (and very competitive) keywords, which have translated into large year-on-year increases in revenue.”

Patrick McCarthy

SEO Specialist, Enova International

How a major US real estate portal turned to NeoMam to collaborate on creative content projects to achieve tier 1 media features. provides various real estate property listings to homebuyers and renters. It's the fourth-largest real estate portal by traffic market share in the United States.


  • Over 150 pieces of coverage across’s first two campaigns
  • 3.4m+ coverage views
  • HGTV, Daily Mail, The Sun, Huffington Post, NY Times’ Wirecutter, Inman and Fox News

“NeoMam's well-defined process has helped drive timely, successful, and differentiated campaigns for What I've appreciated most is the collaborative approach to ideation we've built - this is key for our internal content team because ultimately we understand our brand and our customers better than any external partner could.

So far we've met or exceeded our expectations in working with NeoMam. With every success, the bar is set a little higher, and NeoMam have managed to meet or exceed those expectations too. We're definitely looking forward to the 'what's next' as we build on the individual campaign successes we've experienced so far.

What's also great is that NeoMam team have been readily available and our account manager is proactively involved in our campaign ideation and execution. The fact we've signed a longer-term contract with NeoMam is reflective of the trust they have earned and the results they've demonstrated.

Grant Simmons

VP of Search Marketing,

How a relatively new online commercial loan lender turned to NeoMam to help develop their organic search presence through high quality online content.

Headway Capital provides credit to small business owners, who can use the funds to cover expenses, get inventory and purchase equipment.

Headway Capital is part of Enova International: a multinational company that develops financial products and services.


  • Over 350 features across 12 months, with an average Domain Authority of 40
  • 4m coverage views
  • Lifehacker, Inc, Entrepreneur, Fox Business, HubSpot and Business Insider

“Online marketing is critical for our business as an online commercial loan lender. In order to build the organic search channel, we were looking for an experienced partner to help with our off-site SEO strategy.

We understand the difficulty to create high-quality content and promote it to the right audiences, and we appreciate NeoMam’s conscientiousness and hard work. The campaign performance exceeded my expectations - especially when we've been featured on top industry websites like Entrepreneur and

NeoMam's project tracking, campaign results and reporting is of a high calibre. Everyone at NeoMam is very nice, I enjoy working with the team. Although we don't share the same time zone, they are accessible and schedule meetings as early as possible whenever we have questions.”

Lin Suihong

Senior SEO Specialist, Enova International

How a group of financial companies worked with NeoMam to produce a series of high quality content marketing campaigns to fulfil the needs of their larger SEO strategy.

Enova International is a multinational company that develops financial products and services. On this campaign, we worked with three of their UK brands: Quick Quid, On Stride & Pounds to Pocket.


  • Over 650 features across all three campaigns, with an average DA of 40
  • 13m coverage views
  • Woman’s Day, Lifehacker, Food & Wine, Country Living, Daily Mail, The Sun and Metro

“What brought us to NeoMam was the need for a series of high quality content marketing campaigns to complement our larger SEO strategy. Agencies in the past have produced poor quality content, put in little outreach effort, or had almost no understanding of what makes a content marketing campaign truly successful.

What I appreciate the most about working with NeoMam is the results. At Enova we run very data-driven, numbers-based marketing campaigns and we need to work with an agency that brings great results.

Last year, it was just the SEOs that appreciated working with NeoMam. This year, our Marketing Managers have been noticing the features and placements we're getting in bigger media.”

Sean Myers

Senior Marketing Associate, Enova International

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