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Hybrid Cities
Photo manipulations for Expedia.com that combine popular travel destinations into seven awe-inspiring hybrid cities.

Pixel Britain
British scenes brought to life as shareable GIFs in pixel art style for Holiday Cottages.

Literal Map of North America
Map of the USA and Canada, featuring the meaning behind the name of states and provinces. Campaign for Expedia Canada.

Cult TV Floor Plans
Detailed illustrated floor plans for for Homes.com featuring the layouts of homes from popular TV shows.

Timescape Series
Animated travel posters for Expedia Canada that imagine a world where time travel is a possibility.

How to Cut Fruit
Step-by-step infographic for Pounds to Pocket to teach readers how to cut a series of tricky tropical fruits.

Minimalist Travel
A whistlestop tour of the world’s most iconic destinations in an illustrated series for Expedia Canada.

Lost in Translation
Illustrated calligrams for Expedia.com explaining the literal meaning of idioms in twelve different languages.

Cities in a Split Second
Long exposure photographs for The Big Domain that capture the energy of popular cities in one frame.

Excel Tricks
Infographic for STL offering a series of Excel tricks that everyone working in an office should know.

Ancient Ruins Reconstructed
A series of GIFs for Expedia.com that restore famous ancient ruins to their former glory.

Literal World Map
A world map featuring the meaning behind the name of every country. Campaign for Credit Card Compare.

Plants You Can't Kill
Animated video for HomeAdvisor offering nine natural tips to help travellers beat jet lag.

Canadian Slang
Video for Expedia Canada taking viewers through the most common Canadian slang terms.

Retro Modern Cars
Renderings for Jennings Motor Group that mash the most attractive cars today with their classic predecessors.

iCar Concepts
Concept iCars for ClickMechanic inspired by some of Apple’s most iconic products.

A New House for The Simpsons
Series of illustrations for HomeAdvisor that re-imagine The Simpsons' house in different architectural styles.

Fictional Passports
Photo collage passports for Budget Direct inspired by some of the most popular fictional worlds.

Directors Bedrooms
Bedroom interiors designed for HomeAdvisor, translating the distinct visual styles of iconic film directors.

The Little Things
Hand-drawn illustrations for CashNetUSA that showcase happiness practices from around the globe.

Legendary Natural Wonders
Illustrated travel posters for HomeToGo that explore the legendary origins of the world's natural wonders.

The Cure for Jet Lag
Animated video for Expedia Canada offering nine natural tips to help travellers beat jet lag.

The Sounds of Earth
Photo manipulations for Expedia.com that visualise the sounds of popular travel destinations worldwide.

Vespa Concepts
Renderings for Jennings Harley-Davidson that transfer the design language of the Vespa into different types of motorcycles.

How to Relax
Infographic for Quick Quid compiling 50 ways to relax without spending money.

The Heart of the TV Home
3D floor plans for HomeAdvisor showcasing the unique layout of the most beloved kitchens from TV.

Stay Productive When Tired
Infographic for STL detailing different ways to stay productive, even when you're tired.

The Wild Side Series
Illustrated posters for Expedia Canada focused on the national animals of different countries around the globe.

One Cow Explains Business
Eight simple illustrations for The Business Backer that explain different business models with the help of a cow.

Introverts at Work
Infographic for CashNetUSA offering practical tips for introverts on their way to a job interview.

Google Power User
Infographic for WhoIsHostingThis sharing a series of hacks, tips and tricks for Google users.

America Goes to Bed
Visual analysis of the sleep habits of Americans for Homes.com, compared to those of other countries.

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