The Anatomy of a Visual Content Landing Page

The Anatomy of a Visual Content Landing Page

One of the leading factors contributing to the success of our digital PR campaigns lies in the look and feel of the hosting page of our visual assets. Journalists and bloggers alike spend time on our clients’ websites, and the quality of the information included alongside with the infographic can make or break the content’s authority.

In addition to this, placements drive traffic and websites will have only one chance to harness the flux of new visitors: the landing page.

The perfect content landing page

The key function of any visual content landing page is to get the user to take action to:

  • Share (via Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest/LinkedIn)
  • Embed (on their blogs/magazines/websites)
  • Comment
  • Join newsletter
  • Visit other “action-worth” content

The biggest mistake that most people make is to reuse an existing lead capture te

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