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Gisele Navarro

Operations Director at NeoMam Studios

When we’re developing ideas for our content we always like to check out Google’s hot trends to see what real people are searching for.

A great feature of this site is that you can see the latest trending searches in over 40 different countries, which is great for giving you a view on what’s globally popular.

One of the limitations of hot trends is that you can’t easily compare what different nations are looking at without having multiple tabs open. So, we decided to fix that by making use of one the latest ‘hot trends’ in web development, threejs.


Here’s how to use the map:

  • Click and drag the globe to navigate
  • Use the mouse-scroll wheel to zoom in and out of the globe
  • Click on a country or select it from the drop-down list in the top right corner to see today’s top 10 google searches in that country
  • Click ‘Translate (English)’ to see all the results in English
  • Change the ocean colour, ocean opacity or background by using the drop-downs in the top right hand corner
  • Click on ‘Embed…’ in the bottom left corner to get the iframe code that will allow you to place this map on your site.

Contact us to find out how we use these latest hot trends to produce addictive visual content.

Or check out the interactive here.

global trend map thumbnail

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