How to Test Your Content on Reddit (And Make It Link-Worthy)

How to Test Your Content on Reddit (And Make It Link-Worthy)

“Your content is crap.”

Ouch, that stings a little, doesn’t it?

But getting honest feedback for your content is key if you want big links in 2018.

And the big problem?

Most people just want to be nice to you.

Clients will tell you “the infographic looks great.”

Colleagues will smile and nod.

But here’s the deal:

You need super harsh feedback from people who don’t care about your feelings.

Don’t worry.

I won’t ask you to start working with psychopaths or mean people.

In this post, I’ll show you how you can use Reddit to get unbiased feedback for every single outreach campaign.

This will level up your content so you will get way more links when you promote it.

A word of warning:

This might not be pretty.

You might have been deluding yourself for years that your content was awesome.

But Redditors won’t hold back.

In fact, they can be downright horrible even

Danny Ashton
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