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"This is the same template our team uses to secure content features and links from Wired, Boingboing, Apartment Therapy and more."

Gisele Navarro

Operations Director at NeoMam Studios

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No matter the job role, everyone at NeoMam uses Gmail.

Email is at the core of most of our processes – just to mention a few internal uses:

  • It’s how our project managers send deliverables to our clients.
  • Allows our design lead to discuss upcoming projects with illustrators and graphic designers.
  • Offers a way for our finance manager to chase invoices.
  • Is the medium through which our sales team reaches out to potential clients.
  • Is the number one tool our digital PR team uses to pitch content to journalists.

We all receive training on what it takes to write an effective email and how to prioritise emails inside of our inbox – and of course, we all use different Gmail extensions to power up our processes.

We haven’t chosen to keep our company emails inside of Gmail by chance. There’s a myriad of customisations available that make it the best platform in our eyes.

But we know that for most people Gmail is just another email service, so today we decided to share 10 tips that will help you get the most out of your Gmail account.

Check out the infographic below and learn how to improve the way you organise and navigate your inbox, while increasing your productivity and the effectiveness of your emails:




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Image source: Dennis Skley

Add this infographic to your website by copying and pasting the following embed code:

Want more? Check out our infographic on how to be a Google power user.

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