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Why retention matters

According to a 2014 study by Oxford Economics:


the annual cost of staff turnover for
employers for British businesses

For many businesses, staff turnover is considered an
inevitable part of doing business – but few realise how poor
engagement and retention directly impact the bottom line.


average cost of losing an employee

Shaw Trust is a leading employment services charity
with 30 years’ experience in helping employers
source and retain the right talent for their business.

Typically, our candidates are disabled and disadvantaged workers – an
often overlooked talent pool of motivated and engaged candidates.

We link businesses to a
unique talent pool of candidates.

And once they’re taken on board, we don’t
just disappear – we continue to provide
you and your employee with support.

Our values underpin everything we do.

We work together with employers to help them fulfil
their corporate social responsibility (CSR).

For Shaw Trust, this means:

Without Shaw Trust I’d never have got back on my feet. Experiencing the world of work again after so long, and being able to spend time doing something I love, has done me the world of good.

Shaw Trust client

Recruitment with a difference

Our unique talent sourcing strategies save time and
money for employers – and there’s no fee either.



We spend time gaining an
understanding of each organisation’s
needs, culture and values.

Our staff will often do work
experience to gain first hand
knowledge of the role.


Once we have this understanding
we will source candidates from
our talent pool.

We save employers time by
organising and hosting
recruitment days.


Candidates are matched
against skills and motivations
to ensure they’re a perfect fit.

Our understanding of employers’
needs helps to identify development
opportunities for suitable candidates.



Our pre-employment development
ensures that new employees make
an impact from day one.

Partnerships with employers mean
we can provide real work
experience for our candidates.



We work closely with both
employer and new employee
to ensure both are fully briefed.


New employees enter
the workplace more confident
and aware of expectations.



Our In Work Support service
provides support for both
employee and employer during
the first months of employment.

Through mentoring, buddying,
advice and performance support,
we improve productivity and



Our staff meet with employers
to review our performance,
gathering feedback to
continually improve
our service.

It also provides an
opportunity to learn
about and take
advantage of our other
services, which include: