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    How often do journalists, editors and bloggers share your content?

    We’re guessing not as often as you’d like…

    Don’t worry,
    you’re not alone.

    The occasional tweet and a few likes here and there is usually no problem. But when it comes to getting the big publications on board, that can be a whole different story.

    • Are you fed up spending thousands on content creation?
    • Are you exhausted wasting hours of your time fine tuning it?
    • Do you have ‘high hopes’ every-time you hit SEND?

    Only to have it rejected and ignored by the very people who have the power to reach thousands?

    That needn’t be the case!

    “Have you ever published content that fell flat...but didn't understand why? This excellent ebook will show you why great content fails, and how you can make sure yours doesn't. Highly recommended.”

    Brian Dean

    Starting today, get more links from your content by following these 8 simple steps

      At NeoMam, we’ve become experts on ‘getting content out there’

      by learning, adapting and constantly improving our processes over the last 7+ years.

      Now we regularly get our clients’ content published in the likes of
      Business Insider, The Huffington Post, Lifehacker and The Mail Online.


      If you want to achieve similar results, here’s how our FREE e-book can help

      Does your landing page appeal to journalists or put them off?
      Do editors ignore your e-mails?
      Are you unsure how top bloggers will react to your content?

      Our e-book addresses these common problems, and gives you clear actionable tips on:

      • Starting with a clear concept that will appeal to the masses
      • Developing your landing page so it’s more attractive to editors
      • Creating content that’s relevant to your brand so you stay true to yourself
      • How to define clear, achievable goals for your content so you stay focused
      • The importance of choosing the right format for your content
      • How to test your content before it goes live so you can get feedback upfront
      • How to launch a successful content promotion campaign so you get published

      This e-book has been over 7 years in the making and is the culmination of hard work, research and lessons learned from over 2000 successful content campaigns

        P.S. - Did we mention it’s FREE?


        Danny Ashton

        My name is Danny Ashton and I am the Founder and CEO at NeoMam. I utilize my knowledge to show you how to come up with content ideas that publishers will want to write about.

        Gisele Navarro

        My name is Gisele Navarro and I am director of operations at NeoMam. With my 10+ years of pitching content to journalists, I will teach you the right way to get the results your content deserves.

        Amy Ashton

        My name is Amy Ashton and I am the content director at NeoMam. I will show you our entire process for testing content with real people before we reach out to any journalists.

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