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Gisele Navarro

Operations Director at NeoMam Studios

Next in our series of infographic case studies is one we produced back in January for a bed website titled How to Control Your Dreams.

dreams case study

Placements & Social Shares

The infographic received:

42 referring domains and 225 backlinks.

referring domains Dreams

As you can see, the infographic has only just stopped gaining links after 8 months. Even more evidence that infographics can keep on giving value.

It also had some great placements on large websites:

World of Lucid Dreaming [here]

Going truly viral on StumbleUpon…

dreams social results

Design Taxi [here]


TheJournal.ie [here]

– 28,950 Views,  99 Comments, 435 shares



3 Reddit Frontpages

dreams reddit

*note the high amount of comments too!

What the designer had to say:


“I kept the colour scheme quite simple, a cool blue background with neutral tones for the text to create a calming effect.”

design comments 2

“All of the images used have a filter over the top to give them a hazy, almost fantasy quality.”

design comments 1

“The dotted, sweeping line that runs down the page is partly for a practical purpose, to lead your eye through the graphic, but also helps create the floaty, dream-like style.”

design comments 3

– Lizze Astles, Infographic Designer for NeoMam


Why the idea was successful

We use the book ‘Contagious’ by Jonah Berger at NeoMam to inspire and analyse our ideas and see how they fit into the 6 STEPPS of successful ideas.

The following chart highlights the key points of the infographic and we believe is why it became shared so much. Note the high practical value and triggers –

STEPPS Web Dreams

News you can use

Practical Value is one of the biggest motivators to share.

The title of the infographic ‘How to Control Your Dreams’ hints to getting something you can use, some practical value, and the infographic offers this in bucket loads. Reading through it we find out ways to induce lucid dreaming, as well as things to look out for and finally what foods to eat that can help us.

The infographic points to something that is achievable and when people share this, they are giving this value to their friends or followers.

Top of mind, tip of tongue

Triggers make us think of something which leads to doing something such as talking and sharing.

It’s no coincidence we chose dreaming as a topic: it’s filled with triggers. Every single person reading this infographic will have had a dream and slept at some point (a common trigger), therefore we know what it could be like to control them and it may trigger thoughts about an unusual dream we once had. This is going to make us want to talk about it, leading to the high comments we saw (Reddit, 339 comments) and then shares.

When we go to bed later we may also be triggered to think of the infographic and in the future share it.

So what do you think? Do you want to share this infographic?

How to Control your Dreams Infographic

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