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We’ve admired the infographics on the Movoto blog for some time, we even interviewed their content editor. But who’s behind the design of these nostalgic, video game & pop culture inspired infographics?

hogwarts infographic cropped

Megan kindly agreed to answer a few questions about her experience with infographics.

1. Can you please tell us a bit about yourself and what your background is?
Sure! Hello, my name is Megan Radich (Mega) and I’m a visual designer who loves video games, Star Wars, and cats. I really like cats (even before the internet). I graduated from USC Upstate with a BFA but after college I haven’t done really anything print-related. It’s been all web, all the time. From infographics to web UI/UX to (more recently) mobile app design!

2. Did you always know you wanted to be a designer?
Actually I had originally planned on getting a degree in computer programming but decided part-way through that I wanted to be primarily a designer instead. I still code on my off-time because it’s fun, but I’m more of a visual problem-solver so being a designer full-time makes more sense to me.

3. Do you remember your first taste of infographics? What attracted you to them?
I don’t really remember the first time I saw an infographic but I sure remember the first time I tried to make one! Let’s just say, it was pretty bad. The thing that attracts me the most to infographics is how the typography and visuals come together to make (what’s usually) a complex idea simpler. That’s really cool.

4. We think Movoto are smashing it at the moment with awesome ideas & content on your blog. How much do you get involved with the initial ideas process? Does this inform your design at all?
Thanks! :) Everyone on the team gets involved with the idea process and I think that’s what really makes our content shine. We usually all gather into a room, chug some coffee (or beer if it’s Friday), and start brainstorming on possible story ideas. Then afterward the best ones are selected and slotted into the calendar. I sit across from the editor so I usually have a pretty good idea of what infographics are coming up so I can start gathering resources when I want.

Tardis Infographic

5. Can you tell us how you go about designing an infographic from scratch?
I always start by gathering resources and what I mean by that is, any fonts I feel mesh well with the idea, any color swatches that fit (thanks adobe kuler!), and any images to draw inspiration from (stills if it’s a movie, screencaps, etc.). Then, since normally our infographics are about fictional housing property, I start drawing in Illustrator the property. I like to get that done first since it’s the part of my process that usually takes the longest. After that it’s just a matter of arranging the text, title, and any other illustrations in Photoshop.

6. What do you think is the most important aspect of a successful infographic?
The reading/visual flow. You need to make sure the reader can gather the information 1) in the order that you want them to & 2) easily, without any confusion about what you’re talking about. I’ve seen some really pretty infographics that I liked on a visual sense, but that I couldn’t really read the content because it was disjointed.

7. If you had infinite time and budget, what sort of project would you like to complete?
I’d like to make my own mobile app, actually! Maybe even learn how to code it instead of just doing the visuals.

8. Finally, what advice would you give to aspiring infographic designers?
The best advice I can give would be to keep it readable and simple. The content in your infographic should flow throughout and it should be easy for readers to understand what the infographic is about. Also, connecting with other designers/creatives is invaluable. I’ve got a friend now I send all my infographics to for a once-through. I can totally count on him to give me honest feedback, and not the “I like it, but can you make the snow warmer” kind. 😉

A big thank you to Mega for taking the time out of her busy schedule designing fantastical property!
You can follow her on Twitter here, or why not check out her website or dribbble.


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