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Gisele Navarro

Operations Director at NeoMam Studios

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The movie Inception by Chris Nolan is a very complex movie to understand. So some people created infographics to help untangle the tangled mind of many. Because of that, we collected the ten mind blowing Inception infographics below:


1. Inception Timeline

The infographic tries to describe the dreams chronology of inception.

Inception Timeline



2. Inception: The Architecture

A timeline of the dream architecture in the movie Inception, with every trajectory of the character represented.

Inception Architecture



3. The Five Levels of Inception

An illustrated information to the 5 levels of Inception.

The five levels of inception



4. Inception Plot

An infographic outlining the plot of the movie Inception by Christopher Nolan.

Inception Plot



5. Inception: I am The Architect

A reasonably direct illustration of the entire Inception film.

Inception I am the Architect



6. The Seven Levels of Inception

An infographic trying to explain that there are actually 7 dream levels.

The Seven Levels of Inception



7. Inception Flowchart

An infographic showing exactly what happens to every character in the movie.

INCEPTION infographic v2.1



8. Inception Explained

An infographic explaining what’s really going on in the movie.

Inception Explained



9. Inception Ending

An infographic trying to explain the ending of the movie Inception.

Inception Ending



10. Inception Timescale

An infographic showing different timescales to provide you a good sense of time in pixels.

Inception Timescale

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