How to Make Your Business Stand Out Online: Interview with Lisa Barone

Daniel Tynski over Blueglass did a brilliant interview with SEO star Lisa Barone – although she doesn’t consider herself an SEO. The interview focuses on blogging and PR as tools for making your business shine bright on the web.

Lisa’s main tips focus around creating and maintaining a personal PR, and bringing something special to the web table. Overall, we would say there are three things you need to have in mind:


1. Your USP: what makes you and your business special. Decide on your special feature and play on it. It does make sense but firstly you would need to do a bit of soul searching and then shape it accordingly – not a very easy task!

2. Get the right connections: identify your audience (business, non-business and media) and the networks you want to be part of.

3. Network, network, network: engaging in online conversations is the new ‘black’ in online PR. After creating your content and establishing your connections, the next step is putting yourself out there.


All the advice are quite straight-forward and simple to take on. We also agree with Lisa about ‘your personal PR is your work’. However, we’d add that personal PR and business PR do eat a lot of time, and require a certain mind frame.

For a full overview of the ‘inside gems’, here’s the interview

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