6 Ways to Find the Big Idea that Propels Your Product or Service to Startling Success

We constantly hear and read that content is king and that we shouldn’t bother with online marketing if the content provided is not great. But how can great content be constantly achieved?! We presented different posts which provide tips on getting your content sticky however doing it on a constant level is a totally different game. It needs creativity, being on a continuous quest for edgy/controversial/innovative data and good writing skills.

Beth Hayden discusses the unique positioning concept  - which is the old-fashioned USP - and offers advice on how to get it. She lists six tips on sparking up your creativity modjo for achieving the next break-through idea for your business :

1. Allow yourself an incubation period

2. Collaborate with a diverse team

3. Move your body

4. Don’t rush it

5. On the flip side – apply a little pressure

6. Travel

It’s highly valuable to remember these steps because they can get you past inspiration blockage and can encourage your business to set itself outside the box. Even more, you’ll be able to discover new angles to your product or service. So, try them out and please let us know if it worked for you!


Here’s the full article: http://www.copyblogger.com/big-idea-marketing/

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