2 Important Little Things You Can’t Overlook in Relationship Building

Kerry Jones at Blue Glass wrote a great post about how you need to look after the people that link to your content.  Kerry talked about how the team at Blue Glass like to do to people who link to their content.

One of the main points relates to promoting the people who link to your content. I mean this makes total sense – the more links to the pages that link to you… the better the link.

We will often help to tweet, Reddit upvote and even Stumble content pages that host our clients infographics. We will then often hit them up later to see if they had an uplift in traffic.  Some other points that Kelly made:


1. Include their content in your newsletter

2. Made a comment on the post where your links are found – even just to say thanks

3. Try to link out to their “juicy” content in future


One of the main points that Kelly made was to tell people that you included them… as not everyone is going to be tracking all their referrals (although you should be!)

Right I need to tweet Kelly and tell her I blogged about her post Smile

Read her full post here:  http://www.blueglass.com/blog/key-to-relationship-building/

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