Production process

Visual content creation and promotion.

1 Initiation


Our clients fill out a bespoke briefing form which ensures our production (and promotion) teams understand the aims of their infographic project.


Based on our team’s research into trends within the client’s industry and target audience(s), our ideation team compile a number of high quality ideas for consideration by the client

2 Research and Planning

Design Research

Research into target audience, industry and popular trends.

Data Collation & Research

Researchers investigate high-quality sources, collecting and analysing data, and contact experts in relevant fields.

Outreach Strategy

Outreach team develop strategy based on the research and concept.

3 Production

Content Production & Fact Check

Content Producers prepare the copy for the infographic, focusing on building a strong narrative that will engage target audiences. We check all content for factual accuracy and source quality as part of a thorough editorial approval process.

Design Production

Preparation of moodboard/style sheet which conveys layout, fonts, colours, imagery, illustration style and tone. The full design is created, supporting the content and narrative of the infographic, and taking into account the outreach strategy, target audience, and engagement targets for the piece.

Outreach Prospecting

The team builds a target list including major media publishers within the different sectors identified.

4 Testing

Expert & Reddit Feedback

The signed-off design is sent to an expert in the area for their feedback, which is then approved by the client. This is carried out for those projects that benefit from an additional round of feedback only. We also use Reddit to gain additional feedback from an active and unbiased online community with the potential for thousands of viewers to provide additional input before official release.

5 Promotion

Live URL & Seeding

The client uploads the final infographic on their URL, and the infographic is placed on our list of hand-picked top seeding sites, which specialise in featuring infographics and data visualisations.

Outreach Campaign

We contact our identified publishers and influential bloggers to ask for the infographic to be featured.

Follow Up/Attribution

The outreach manager will reach out to any sites, which have featured the design without attributing it to the client and ask for proper image credit.

6 Results

Outreach Report

The Outreach team compile a report showing engagement activity with the infographic using bespoke software and analytics.

The Studio