How to Promote Your Infographic Like a Pro

In your list of links, is an infographic that you are proud of. Whether it’s your own brain child or the brain child that you paid someone a lot of money to create— you want to introduce it to the world!

It’s been my experience that infographics tend to rank higher and generate traffic faster than your standard blog posts. With that said, your infographic has a lot of potential and power. Are you ready to pitch it hard enough so that your visual message is heard all over the web?

Based on what I’ve done in the past, here are some tips so that your awesome infographic doesn’t go unnoticed!

Do Your Pre-Research Brainstorming


Make a list of three genres of blogs who have readers that would love your infographic. For example, a few months ago, I pitched an infographic on “gift giving around the world” and the three genres of blogs I contacted were travel blogs, gift giving blogs and blogs from each culture whose gift giving traditions I featured.

Execute Thorough Research and Compile a List of Blogs to Pitch

You need to only be pitching blogs that will drive your infographic’s popularity. To find these blogs means that you need to not only find blogs in different niches but you also need to find each one of those blogs’ SEO stats, social metrics and contact information.

To promote my infographic I made a list of 100 blogs in each of my three blog genre categories. Well, compiling this list took two whole work days. Since pushing the “gift giving around the world” infographic, I have discovered GroupHigh, a blogger outreach tool that allows you to find blogs in any niche and immediately gives you the blog’s SEO metrics, social media followers, contact information, etc. Had I known about GroupHigh a few months ago, I estimate that compiling my list of 300 blogs would have taken me 2 hours maximum instead of two days…

(I would like to take this space up in my post to inject that I do write for GroupHigh and I don’t want to sound biased, I just really am loving the time their outreach tool is saving me now!)

Don’t Drop the Ball with a Cookie Cutter Pitch

We all know how time consuming it is to pitch blogs the right way when pushing a piece of content. Bloggers know a cookie cutter pitch when they see one so each pitch needs to be tailored to each blog. Familiarize yourself with how to improve your blogger outreach success rate by writing a good pitch here.

Engage, Engage, Engage

When you click the send button after typing an awesome pitch, you are not done yet! Before and after sending the pitch you should be engaging in the blogger’s social media outlets. Share their blog posts on Facebook, retweet some of their words, comment on their blog posts, do what you need to do to get noticed. After every pitch I emailed, I tweeted at the blogger to “check their inbox for an awesome piece of content I sent their way.” This helps to keep a pitch from going unnoticed in the mix of hundreds of pitches that some bloggers get every day.

Relax and Watch your Brain Child Excel

A good piece of content promoted the right way takes off rather quickly. Check in on the traffic your site is getting and view the social media shares. After pushing my infographic, it was only a month before it had over 2,000 social media shares and for a while, the page authority of the infographic was higher than the domain authority of my company’s site who housed it! People were loving my brain child and they never would have even seen it if I hadn’t executed such a strong blogger outreach campaign!

Author Bio: Kristen Matthews is a writer and content marketer based out of Boulder Colorado. She loves to write and enjoy life through travel, good food, creativity and interesting people. Contact her for any writing requests or collaboration ideas at [email protected]


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