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10 Beer Infographics that are Awesome

From the history of beer to what to do with an empty, these infographics will provide you with a whole variety of knowledge about one of man’s most loved drinks: beer.

1. The Miraculous, Magical, Magnificent History Of Beer

An infographic detailing how beer saved the world.

“Annual beer consumption is about 22 gallons per person.”


2. The Very Many Varieties of Beer

A great chart explaining all the different beers from around the world.


3. Twenty Things Worth Knowing About Beer

A good mix of interesting facts about beer.

“Cenosillicaphobia is fear of an empty glass.”


4. How Indie Brewers are Outpacing Beer Industry Growth

A well put together infographic on the growing trend of small and independent beer companies.

“Over the last few decades, the growth of independent breweries has been eclipsing overall industry growth.”


5. The Science of Beer Goggles

Why do we find people more attractive when drunk?

“The more you drink, the more that little voice of reason disappears.”


6. History Lesson: The Story of Beer

A very tight and well documented history of beer.


7. Prohibition Did What?

Love the design of this infographic, including all you need to know about prohibition.


8. The Health Benefits Of Guinness Vs Beer

This infographic looks at the health benefits of Guinness vs. other types of beer.

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“Guinness has less calories than a regular pint of beer.”

9. Learn the Language of Beer

If you love your beer, learn how to talk about it ‘like a snob’.


10. How to Turn a Beer Bottle into a Glass

Finally, once you’ve finished a nice cold bottle of beer, this is the perfect way to recycle and make something that’s actually pretty cool.



Curated by Sean Liddle – Infographic Researcher Neo Mammalian Studios

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