Working From Home

We have something really interesting and fun to show to everyone who is now sitting at their office desk and dreaming how it would be perfect to work from home. Maybe the fact that you would be able to arrange your work time any way you like sounds tempting, but if we can trust Rob Pollack – you wouldn’t really have much work done by working from home.

Rob made a really funny pie chart that he published on his Tumblr profile about allocation of time when working from home. So, according to Rob, most of your time you would spend for incognito internet browsing and thinking about going to the gym. After you thought about going to the gym, you would start craving for ice cream and then take a nap. You would eat, ignore some emails and phone calls, and after that, you would maybe work a little.

So, that is how your work day at home would look like. See for yourself:


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