Your Guide To Writing Effective Emails

According to research conducted by The Radicati Group, the number of emails sent and received per day in 2015 reached a total over 205 billion, with an average of 131 business emails leaving and arriving to users’ accounts every day in 2016 so far.

That’s a lot of emails.

So, how can you ensure your messages are cutting through that noise? And what would be the proper email etiquette for a world in which our inboxes are never empty?

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6 Content Promotion Lessons From Pitching 1000 Infographics

After promoting over 1000 infographics, our media relations team have learnt several lessons. In this post each member of the team will share some techniques on how to promote visual content and how these steps have helped us get results.

We have used an example throughout the post: The Herb Guide to Cooking Vegetarian, a campaign that started very slow, but by following these 6 steps, ended up securing placements on large publications, including Huffington Post, UK and US.   

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The Art of Planning a Content Promotion Strategy

When it comes to promoting content online, it’s easier said than done, and part of my role here at NeoMam Studios is to ensure that I contact those publishers and editors who actually want to see the content we’ve produced.

Many of you reading this will think that when working with a travel-related piece of content, the way to go would be to reach out as many travel blogs as possible… but in actual fact those are probably not the type of sites you want to focus on.

You’d be surprised at how far content can travel across different sectors, as one topic might have multiple touch-points across several niches. When it comes to prospecting for publishers/bloggers, expanding on our main target audience is key to the success of our content marketing campaigns.

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