NeoMam Hall of Fame: ‘How Much Energy You Need To Burn Off 8 Junk Foods’

December (and the year!) has come and gone, so it’s the time of the month to share yet another edition of our Hall of Fame. Our top performing campaign of December was ‘How Much Energy You Need To Burn Off 8 Junk Foods’.

Meet the client

Buddy Loans are professional lenders who are regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Why they came to NeoMam?

They wanted a piece of content that would touch upon a different level of both costing and investment, aiming at a wider audience during the holiday season.

What they wanted to achieve:

  • Authoritative media coverage and brand exposure – particularly in the UK.
  • Evergreen content that would continue to ignite engagement in the long-term.

Our solution

Our ideation team identified a recurring trend during the festive season: the rise of self-improvement, fitness and nutrition goals. Just to mention an example of this trend, year after year more and more people take on the 12 days of fitness challenge.

For this piece we worked with a personal trainer and fitness expert who helped us figure out what would be the perfect routine to exercise away a very specific selection of high-calorie (and delicious) junk food.

David Maclean“This was a great example of a project where everyone of us asking “Could we add more?”. We used a personal trainer to provide some expertise, knowing that the online fitness audience is pretty diligent when it comes to checking the credentials of advice offered. But then we thought, why not try live video using him to demonstrate the exercises too? So while the content was excellent in its own right, including a beefcake in the video probably helped too.”

– David Maclean, Content Strategist

Campaign included:

1. Audience analysis and ideation to provide the idea ‘How Much Energy You Need To Burn Off 8 Junk Foods.’

burn calories

 2. Research, copy and design for a publisher worthy video and static infographic.

Untitled“For this infographic, I produced realistic illustrations of food and people exercising. Both are things I enjoy drawing, though coming up with a convincing dish of fried chicken proved tricky – particularly when even the promotional photos of such a meal look like indistinct brown lumps!”

— Eloisa Bielsa, Illustrator & Graphic Designer


 3. Script, voiceover and animated video.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 11.25.48“Working on this video was my first experience using actual camera footage and whilst I thought it would be a big challenge, it was actually just another aspect that would prove the most demanding.

Although the process was indeed difficult, now I’ve got a great new skill that can be used for future videos.”

– James McGuirk, Lead Designer & Animator

4. Community tested content before we reached out to influential publishers.

Gisele“Before uploading the design/video onto the client’s website and launching the campaign, we always share the content with relevant communities on Imgur and Reddit. We call this stage “Reddit Community Feedback” and we do this to gather a last round of feedback from our target audience.

When sharing the content with these online communities, we want to see engagement, find out if there’s any outdated data, identify any potential sections that seem to be unclear, and rule out any typos or spelling mistakes.

There are cases where no edits are needed, but sometimes we need to make changes to the content.”

— Gisele Navarro, Operations Director

In this particular case, we didn’t receive any negative feedback so we were able to move onto the promotion stage confident that the content would be a success.


Both the infographic and the video were featured on large, tier-1 media such as The Independent, The Sun, Daily Mail and Metro, as well as influential blogs of the likes of Lifehacker and Gizmodo.

» Number of features: 80+ editorial placements

» Estimated views: 2.39M+ coverage views

» Social media shares: 20.6K+ social shares

Key features included:



sophie-bellrhone-profile“This campaign was a success from the start. The content was perfect as was the timing. At Christmas most of us indulge in junk food, so it was a perfect time to use a good old hook to incorporate into the campaign for the new year. Having great content doesn’t always bring success, I believe timing and research is the key.”
— Sophie Bell-Rhone, Digital PR Strategist


To see more entries, check out our Hall of Fame or get in touch with Danny to see how we can assist you on your content marketing efforts.


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