NeoMam Hall of Fame: ‘Excel Tricks That Will Impress Your Boss’

The first month of the year is over, and we’re happy to report that the month was full of great campaigns and results. It was hard to choose one, but here it is – our top performing campaign of January is ‘Excel Tricks That Will Impress Your Boss’.

Meet the client

STL offer Microsoft Office training to small/medium sized businesses.

Why they came to NeoMam?

Their earlier Excel campaign was a great success, and it became clear that this type of content, when it is well made, has still some great potential.

What they wanted to achieve:

  • Authoritative media coverage relevant to their audience – small/medium business owners
  • Thought leadership – educational, practical content that would continue to ignite engagement in the long-term

Our solution

Danny Ashton

“Excel training for this client is one of their most popular courses. We had already seen that there was a major interest in this topic during our Imgur + Reddit testing for our previous Excel infographic, so we were confident that another project offering solutions to the main Excel pain-points would fly. We also knew from our audience analysis that the key benefit of improving Excel skills for our target audience was advancing in their careers — ‘Excel Tricks That Will Impress Your Boss’ was born.“ – Danny Ashton, Founder

Campaign included:

1. Audience analysis and ideation to provide the idea.

2. Research, copywriting and design for a publisher worthy static infographic.

David Maclean

“Our previous Excel piece for this client had managed to do the impossible – breaking through the noise of all existent Excel guides on the web to achieve major traction and placements – so our initial challenge during research and conception was to work out how we could add extra value and avoid repetition. Rather than targeting the user’s own skills (or lack thereof) with Excel, we showed readers a series of tricks that are germane to business and would be of tangible benefit to them by demonstrating value to their boss – and, ideally, boosting their salary in the process. It’s hard to get people to care or feel emotional about a topic as dry as Excel, but by demonstrating the benefits to their bank balance and career, we created a strong emotional hook to engage the audience.” – David Maclean, Content Lead

3. Community tested content before we reached out to influential publishers.


“Before the design goes live on the client’s website, we upload it to Imgur and Reddit to gather a last round of community feedback from our target audience. This is unbiased feedback from existing online communities who are not connected to NeoMam nor the client in any way. Sometimes feedback is good and no edits are needed, sometimes the community finds mistakes/typos/outdated information and we need to make changes to the design.” – Gisele Navarro, Operations

This is one of the most powerful stages in our process as it allows us to test the content before we launch the campaign and make any edits needed to improve the content before pitching it to journalists and bloggers.

By sharing the infographic with Imgur and Reddit, we got over a million of users checking out the content before it went live:


After 24hs of having the infographic up, we received over 500 comments…


And after going through every single one of them, we decided to tweak the title and remove the last word as a few users mentioned they felt it wasn’t necessary:



The Media Relations team successfully obtained coverage on large, tier-1 media such as Hubspot, Hongkiat and International Business Times, as well as influential blogs of the likes of Lifehacker and SiteProNews.

 » Number of features: 54+ editorial placements

 » Estimated views: 1.02M+ coverage views

 » Social media shares: 6.03K+ social shares

Key features included:




“Excel is very popular and always has been. What’s better is the broad audience this infographic reached by having publishers from the business, tech and career sectors featuring it. I was over the moon when I heard that the Microsoft team picked up the feature from a placement we achieved – giving us some expert feedback and praising those that worked on the project.“ — Sophie Bell-Rhone, Digital PR Lead

To see more entries, check out our Hall of Fame or get in touch with Danny to see how we can assist you on your content marketing efforts.

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