NeoMam Hall of Fame: ’44 Ways to be More Productive’

The start of spring at NeoMam HQ brought many successful campaigns (in between more ping-pong & foosball tournaments). However, one particular campaign took the stand in April and it was was yet another self-improvement piece: 44 ways to be productive. In this post we explain why.

Meet the client

STL offer Microsoft Office training to small/medium sized businesses.

Why did they continue to work with NeoMam?

It became clear that the results were showing how powerful the content was – campaign after campaign, our team continued to achieve strong, authoritative placements that contributed to increasing the overall domain authority of STL’s website.

What they wanted to achieve:

Yes, STL came to us with the need of achieving consistent media coverage that was relevant to their audience They wanted to build thought leadership for their brand by the production and promotion of educational, practical content that would ignite engagement and editorial links back to their site.

Our solution

As well as Excel training, STL offers project management, professional development and leadership courses among others. That’s why we introduced a productivity piece, as it’s a varied topic that has relevance to the client across their services. Self-improvement and productivity pieces -when done correctly- are powerful pieces of content, and we could say as a team that we were incredibly confident in this campaign doing well.


Campaign included:

1. Audience analysis and ideation to provide the idea.


STL provide a range of training for Microsoft users, as well as professional management training. A huge part of professional self management is being productive.

There’s a lot of existing help guides and tips to help people be more productive, so we knew that productivity is popular topic. It is a big pain point for most businesses and employees, and people are always looking for ways to improve how quickly and effectively they can get their work done.

With a lot of existing content already out there, however, we needed to create something that would stand out from the crowd, and offer a lot of value. We chose to go down the ‘44’ tips route, as this would enable us to create a truly comprehensive guide that would offer something new to people already familiar with the most common productivity tips.“ – Amy Ashton, Director

2. Research, copywriting and design for a publisher worthy static infographic.


With so many tips, we wanted to find a way to present the approaches so that a reader could literally grab the tips that make most sense to them. We decided to present the different tips organised into different times of day. A reader who struggles with a busy morning could benefit from the ‘morning productivity’ tips, someone who tends to work long into the evening could benefit from the after work/before bed tips.

The reason I believed this design performed so well was due to how it performed with a large amount of content, many infographics highlight around 7-15 useful tips but finding a way to house 44 is a feat in itself. The layout is clear and the pacing make the content digestible, with the use of minimal iconography and elegant use of hierarchy the infographic kept our attention from intro to outro.” – Jake Brennan, Design Lead


3. Community tested content before we reached out to influential publishers.


“Before launching the infographic into the world, we shared with with the Imgur and Reddit communities. This is something that we do with every campaign, we always gather a last round of community feedback from our target audience. These people are not connected to our client not to us in any way so they will be truly unbiased. Sometimes feedback is good and no edits are needed, sometimes the community finds mistakes/typos/outdated information and we need to make changes to the design.” – Gisele Navarro, Operations

In this particular case, we didn’t need to make any substantial changes to the infographic. The Reddit community responded very well to the piece and people cared enough to leave their comments and engage with each other within the thread:



The Media Relations team successfully obtained coverage on large, tier-1 media such as Hubspot, Business Insider, Yahoo! Finance, The Sun Herald and The Age’s Business Daily, as well as influential blogs of the likes of LifehackerT3n and The UltraLinx.

 » Number of features: 38+ editorial placements

 » Estimated views: 425K+ coverage views

 » Social media shares: 2.46K+ social shares

Key features included:



From day 1 of the promotion I knew this would be a successful campaign; the first few emails I received were large tier-1 media publishers wanting to feature the content. The infographic had very clear and practical tips and was easy for readers to follow – plus the content was universal, allowing us to outreach to a variety of publishing sectors. We achieved features on self improvement, business and lifestyle publications alike! The content got picked up in the Netherlands, Australia and had a massive hit in China with sites going the extra mile by translating the infographic.“ — Sophie Bell-Rhone, Digital PR Lead

To see more entries, check out our Hall of Fame or get in touch with Danny to see how we can assist you on your content marketing efforts.

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