The History of Superman

Once upon a time, Superman was on the wrong side of the law. He was a bald villainous character who terrorized people.

If you thought that was unacceptable, then you share the brain of publishers when Superman was introduced. Yes, he was not a superhero when he was first coceived, but he was soon changed into one and was given the most basic super powers. He was super fast, super strong, and he could super jump.

Still not the Superman you have in mind? That is because Superman and his story have evolved through the decades. He was not always able to fly. He was not always portrayed as a news reporter. Lois Lane was not the love of his life until the 1970s. Superman went through a lot of change.

Follow the journey of Superman in this infographic by

The History of Superman

Every superhero has a story, and Superman’s most compelling story is probably the challenge of discovering his identity, embracing humanity, and changing with it.

No wonder every generation loves him.


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