Experimental Tools (guest post)

I’m Nick Garner, CEO of Searchworks. For a while, Danny (Neomam) and I have been talking about ideas for various free SEO tools. You may not know it, but Danny is a very good SEO’er as well as a great infographics guy!


One of the big discussions between us, has been to work out where a site stands amongst its competition when it comes to share of search. The other is link prospecting.

With share of search, the usual approach is to use tools like SEMrush or Searchmetrics and put in a URL and see what phrases a site ranks for. That’s all fine, but to really work out where you stand against other indirect competitors, it makes more sense to get a group of keywords you care about and see how your site compares against all the others who rank for your target phrases. Its a simple idea, but I haven’t seen it done in a simple way with a free tool. So we came up with a simple metric which allows you to make ‘share of search’ comparisons easy to understand. The SiteFinder ‘how to’ post goes into much more detail.

For the outreach tool, if Google ranks a site for a phrase, then it will attribute a certain value to relevant outbound links from that site. If you want to prospect for links this way, its a case of trawling through Google SERPS, which can be very time consuming. So the idea is to make it easy to list sites found for certain keywords and to show you what phrases they rank for.

If the site ranks for relevant phrases, they go into the outreach shortlist…easy.

I have done the SiteFinder ‘how to’ post that goes into a lot of detail and it’s also got the free download links and documentation.

Since this is an early beta tool, if it breaks or you have questions or ideas on how to improve it, please feedback on the ‘how to’ page.

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