Content Marketing Backlash

ouroborosSpafax Content Director Arjun Basu claims that because of lot of content out there, the content marketing is getting to be a little bit “too much”. In his interesting article he talks about the fact that the content industry has created a lot of content about itself: there is a lot of talk how the industry can get bigger, how content is everything, how to create content and more.

According to Arjun, big problem is when the content is not about the end user or the client, but about the marketer, and he adds that as the content industry grew larger and larger, marketers started to take themselves too seriously. Arjun Basu talked about that problem at International Content Summit in London last fall, but this time he also shared his thoughts with his readers.

If you are interested in what he has to say (and you better be interested), then just click here and read his article:

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