6 Amazing Video Infographics

In 2016, YouTube users will upload 500 hours of video every hour.

By 2019, it’s estimated that 80% of all internet traffic will be video.

2016 is certainly the year to scale up on videos for marketing.

Infographics are typically seen in their long static format, but more and more companies are using video infographics.

In this post, I am going to provide 6 infographic video examples that will hopefully inspire your next campaign.

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5 Content Mistakes From Creating Over 1000 Infographics

Good content is at the heart and soul of any successful infographic campaign. We’ve learnt that the content publishers will be excited about sharing has to be trusted and offer a lot of value against the content that is already out there.

We’ve learnt the easy way (through successes) as well as the hard way (our mistakes). Here’s 5 mistakes that we’ve learnt from, and never want to make again.

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Why I love Outbound Sales

In my industry, many agencies take pride in the fact that they have no sales team.

“It’s all referrals.”

“Never done one cold call.”

It seems that outbound sales tactics are a sign of a snake oil merchant with lots of empty promises and nothing to back it up.

Certainly NeoMam was all referrals in our first few years. But I never felt proud. I felt stressed. My fate was not in my control. Feast and famine was all too familiar. The market demand dictated how many clients would reach out and hire us.

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The Weekly Meeting That Changed The Way We Work

Meetings in business can be tough. It’s hard to manage a mix of personalities and opinions, handle the resulting conflict, whilst ultimately trying to get some clear next steps. Our meetings were no exception. We were fortunate, however, to find a simple meeting system that really helped us to transform our weekly meetings from unmanaged conversations to effective, action focused discussions. And, dare I say it, they became enjoyable!

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The ROI of content marketing

What is the ROI of Content Marketing?

This week, Mark Schaefer wrote an awesome post about the problem of attempting to measure the effectiveness of content marketing, which is something I am sure many of us in the industry can relate to.

Mark states that content marketing should not be evaluated in the same way as direct advertising and that a far better analogy is that of networking events.

At your first networking event, you might meet a few people but are unlikely to convert any sales. However,over time, you will slowly make more connections, maybe even speak and over the years you start to build powerful relationships that begin to drive leads back to your business.

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8 Neuroscience Lessons for Creating Content That Journalists Want to Share

In this post I will share with you the transcript of the SEM Rush webinar I gave about creating more shareable content. I lay out 8 lessons that should help you push the potential of your content further, using neuroscience, ultimately helping you produce content that major journalists want to feature.

After the webinar you will understand:
  • How the brain is wired for certain content ideas and how to use this to your benefit.
  • What brain tricks you can use to get journalists to take notice of your content.
  • Where you can test and tweak your content before reaching out to journalists

See the full script and video below.

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Digital PR: How to Share Your Content Worldwide [Webinar]

Hello everyone. Thanks for joining us. Today I will be sharing with you the story of what happened when, at NeoMam, we decided to grab the content that we already produced and promoted in English and relaunch it in different countries. Now, before I start I will need you to do something for me. It’s not a big thing so don’t worry too much about it but if you could please have a think and just try to identify a piece of content that you produced for yourselves or your clients in English that have achieved good results during the promotion stage. It could be anything really. A video, an e-book, an interactive – an infographic even, that you have launched in English and have achieved mentions in newspapers, features in magazines, placements on blogs, links from reputable industry sites. Any big win that you have in English. Please have a think. Try to find one and the good news is, if you do have one of them; that means you have won fifty percent of the international digital PR battle right there and then. All you need now is a process and that’s exactly what I’m gonna share with you. So please have that big win in mind throughout the webinar because by the end of it you will have all the tools you need to just go back onto your desk start drafting a strategy and hopefully have a plan for relaunching it in different countries.

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Does Visual Content Marketing Work? [GroupHigh Outreach Summit 2015]

The above is a recording of the presentation I provided for the GroupHigh Outreach Summit Presentation that was delivered 2 weeks ago.

 Transcription of the video:

Thanks guys. In my presentation today I’m going to tackle the challenge of: does visual content marketing really work? So my name’s Danny Ashton and I’m the founder and CEO of NeoMam Studios, a visual content agency in Manchester, UK.

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