5 Reasons Why You Should Bring SEO In-House

In-house SEOs generally don’t get much of a voice in our industry. I spent my entire SEO career working from the agency side, years before setting up NeoMam. At the early stages of our agency, most of our work was sold through some of the largest agencies in the UK.

Over the past few years I have seen a large number of skilled practitioners move in-house and I have been very impressed with what they have been able to achieve, compared to what I saw from agencies.

In this post, I have worked with a number of the top in-house SEO’s in our industry to understand some of the benefits of working in-house over choosing an agency.

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How to Find, Hire and Train for Digital Roles

Hiring for digital roles is in fashion, with both agencies and businesses building multidisciplinary teams including positions that didn’t exist a few years ago. In my years working in digital marketing, I’ve done my fair share of hiring, training and firing and for the most part, I did an alright job… But experience and all, 1 out of 3 times, I still got it wrong.

With the help of a few tools, I’ve developed a much more powerful way to find, hire and train for digital roles. Today I will share some insights into our hiring process, a process that defines the success of the agency.

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Why I love Outbound Sales

In my industry, many agencies take pride in the fact that they have no sales team.

“It’s all referrals.”

“Never done one cold call.”

It seems that outbound sales tactics are a sign of a snake oil merchant with lots of empty promises and nothing to back it up.

Certainly NeoMam was all referrals in our first few years. But I never felt proud. I felt stressed. My fate was not in my control. Feast and famine was all too familiar. The market demand dictated how many clients would reach out and hire us.

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Content Marketing Lessons from New Media Europe 2015

On September 12-13, we had the opportunity to attend the New Media Europe conference (NMEU) in Manchester which offered a variety of insights on the future of digital media and how to effectively use new media tools from a selected panel of keynote speakers.

The speakers included the likes of serial entrepreneur, speaker and author Chris Ducker, Cliff Ravenscraft AKA the Podcast Answer Man and Phil Pallen, an author and brand strategist for a number of different personalities on television shows such as the X Factor.

We’ve looked at our favourite speakers and shared what they had to say about content creation and marketing:

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The ROI of content marketing

What is the ROI of Content Marketing?

This week, Mark Schaefer wrote an awesome post about the problem of attempting to measure the effectiveness of content marketing, which is something I am sure many of us in the industry can relate to.

Mark states that content marketing should not be evaluated in the same way as direct advertising and that a far better analogy is that of networking events.

At your first networking event, you might meet a few people but are unlikely to convert any sales. However,over time, you will slowly make more connections, maybe even speak and over the years you start to build powerful relationships that begin to drive leads back to your business.

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Our Picks From Digital Britain Conference: Manchester 2015

Last Wednesday 2nd September our Media Relations team attended the 2015 Internet Advertising Bureau UK’s Digital Britain Conference. It’s not strange to find us at digital marketing or SEO conferences but this time we opted for a full day of inspiring presentations aimed at an audience of digital and traditional advertising professionals.

It was very interesting to learn about the experiments and findings by advertisers who are continuously trying to understand how to reach people online. In this post we’d like to share some of our favourite presentations —sorry for not including all of them!

adam maidment“The conference gave me a great opportunity to learn how the advertising industry thinks and works and considers how the audiences are changing and taking in things. As I work within a visual content marketing agency, the information provided was more relatable to an advertising audience so it meant I had to consider how things were relevant to me – in terms of how you can provide new and alternative ways to your audience who are constantly evolving.”

— Adam Maidment, Digital PR Specialist

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10 Amazing Wine Infographics


1. How to Choose a Bottle of Wine

A flowchart that will help you find the right wine.




2. The Different Types of Wine

The infographic is a chart of nearly 200 various types of wine, arranged by style and flavor.

18"x24" Poster Template



3. Bubbling Over: The Buzz On Sparkling Wine

The infographic will teach you all about sparkling wine, tips on how to serve and open your next wine bottle, what the labels indicate, and fascinating food pairings.

Bubbling Over The Buzz On Sparkling Wine



4. How Wine is Made

An infographic from Whichwinecooler.com which shows a 10-step process of making a wine.

How Wine is Made



5. What are Green Wines?

The infographic provides information on how wineries are going green by defining the four buzz words of green wine. These are Sustainable, Organic, Biodynamic and Natural.

What are Green Wines



6. Flying Wines

The infographic will tell you which wines are the best to drink in a plane.

Flying Wines



7. 12 Creative Ways to Recycle Wine Bottles

The infographic teaches you 12 artistic ways to reuse wine bottles.

12 Creative Ways to Recycle Wine Bottles



8. Most Prized Wines

The infographic shows the value of per-bottle auction for several vintages of the top 5 Bordeaux wines (Margaux, Haut-Brion, Lafite-Rothschild, Latour and Mouton Rothschild).

Most Prized Wines



9. Optimal Wine Temps

The infographic will show what is the right temperature in wine that can produce a substantial difference in the flavor.

Optimal Wine Temps



10. Temecula Valley

The infographic highlights some of the well-known local wineries as well as wine facts and consumption of wine in California and the United States.

Temecula Valley