8 Impressive Infographic Timelines (Updated)

Every human on earth lives their own unique timeline from birth to death.  When the this type of infographic is used well – it can be understood rapidly and easily.

This list is a small sample of the greatest examples of infographic timelines on the web:

1. The Rise and Fall of Instant Messengers


An infographic produced by the NeoMam team for the website – WhoisHostingThis.com. It looks the changing instant messenging landscape from 1996 to 2014 with the buy-out of WhatsApp.

2. The Evolution of Video Game Controllers

The infographic is the most in depth video game controllers charting ever, showing 11 genera and 119 species over 7 decades of gaming.

The Evolution of Video Game Controllers

3. Inception Infographic

A film that often asks more questions than it answers. This film uses a clever design to show the multiple timelines throughout the film/story .

Found via Pinterest and Huffington Post.


4. Pulp Fiction – Chronological Order

By the infographic designer – Noah Smith and found on the Guardian UK.  This infographic details the whole events of the film Pulp Fiction. This particular infographic also attracted $29k dollars on kickstarter so it’s now available as a poster.


5. The Evolution of the Web

This infographic for Google is an interactive experience created by the agency Hyperakt.  It shows the history of the internet from the first moments of HTML to the advanced code used in today’s browser experience.

Web evolution

6. NES – Nebula Timeline

This awesome timeline infographic shows the progress of Nintendo games as a Nebula.  Similar to the Pulp fiction example – you can now buy this as a poster.  Read more http://mentalfloss.com/article/52744/all-original-nintendo-games-one-poster


7. 12 Monkeys Film Explained

When the film was released – it was tricky to understand the different points at which Bruce Willis enters the past.  This infographic provides insight in a very simple approach.  See more from this designer: https://www.behance.net/gallery/12-MONKEYS/10226747


8.  The Road to the Future

An infographic from the NeoMam Studios team for CarLoan4u . They used the timeline format to show how road technology is changing. As you progress down the road you get further into the technological innovations expected in the future.


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