7 New York Infographics Worth Checking Out


1. New York International Auto Show (By The Numbers)

An infographic illustrating how the show shapes up this 2012.




2. New York City’s Five Boroughs

The infographic goes deep into the Five Boroughs of New York City – Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx and Manhattan in order to locate the city’s best eats, attractions, and sights.




3. United States of Mmmerica Cuisine of New York City

An infographic showing the evolution of foods in New York City.




4. New York’s Most Popular Date Spots

Explore the most famous dating hot spots in New York.



5. Rental Prices For New York City Apartments

This New York infographic shows the average rental prices in several neighborhoods, and the amount those prices increase with various amenities.



6. New York Movie Map

The infographic shows a map of New York with scene images taken from 91 movies.

New York Movie Map


7. New York City’s Finest Street Food

New York City’s street food has become one of the most vibrant, exciting, and innovative ways to dine out.

New York City's Finest Street Food

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