7 Great Infographics Worth Sharing


1. Things That Happen On Internet Every 60 Seconds

The infographic will give you an idea of how huge the internet is by showing you significant facts on what’s happening about the websites we use in 60 seconds.

Part 1

60seconds Part 2


2. Meet Your Virtual Friends

An infographic guiding you on how to befriend your virtual friends like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google.


3. You Are What You Tweet: 2011 In Review

An infographic illustrating a shocking social media addictions.


4. What If Social Media Were A High School: Class of 2011

From the gossip girl to the prep to the nerds, even the huge world of social media contains its own teenage angst and stereotypes.

Social Media High School

5. Our Amazing Planet: Top to Bottom

An awesome infographic, packed with fascinating information. The exploration starts at an altitude of 36,000 feet to a depth of 36,000 feet also.

land and sea

6. 15 Things You Should Know About Breasts

15 facts that most of us don’t know about breasts.


7. Facts About The Mouth

Aside from its main function as the 1st stage of digestion, the mouth performs other significant roles, particularly in communication. The infographic is designed to provide you with adequate information about the mouth.


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