7 Awesome Infographics About Content Marketing


1. Content Marketing: What’s Your Plan of Attack?

This infographic coming from Quaturo talks about how you can survive the “war of content” against Google’s new algorithm updates.

Content Marketing What’s Your Plan of Attack



2. The Content Marketing Explosion

This infographic visualizes statistics, surveys and studies on how marketers make use of content to market their business or brand.

content marketing explosion



3. A Brief History Of Content Marketing

An infographic showing a content marketing history timeline from 4200 B.C. to year 2012.




4. 22 Ways to Create Compelling Content

This infographic illustrates the 22 ways to remodel recent content in a distinct media format.

22 Ways to Create Compelling Content



5. Understanding Viral Content Marketing

The infographic will help you decipher how a content becomes viral.

Understanding Viral Content Marketing



6. The Anatomy Of Content Marketing

The infographic below shows the significance of integrated content marketing approach.

The Anatomy Of Content Marketing



7. The Content Omniverse

The infographic provide stats on “copy content”, images, video and social sharing.

The Content Omniverse

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