50 Insane Facts About Australia [Infographic]

Did you know that wombat poo is cubed shaped? Or that pink hot pants are illegal after midday on Sunday in Australia? This graphic from Bondi Beer puts together some truly fascinating facts about Australia; each fact is more astounding that the last. So next time you’re trying to impress someone with an interesting fact, try one of these!

This infographic gives you the chance to win a trip to Bondi Beech in Australia; all you need to do is like the page on Facebook. Enjoy!


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    • Dom September 7, 2015   Reply →

      Seriously Bondi Beach is stupid and boring and it just gets allot of attention

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  • jeremybrett November 23, 2012   Reply →

    kylies aren’t boomerangs, they’re another kind of hunting stick that won’t come back to you

  • jeremybrett November 23, 2012   Reply →

    otherwise an excellent graphic

    • Danny November 28, 2012   Reply →

      Thanks Jeremy :)

  • John January 13, 2013   Reply →

    It’s not illegal to walk on the right-hand side of a foot path

  • kevin May 29, 2013   Reply →

    not even one rugby fact? way to go.

  • Ninika May 30, 2013   Reply →

    these all facts are really interesting and it is really proud to know. I just love Australia.

  • Neil Ronald December 19, 2013   Reply →

    Canberra is NOT in the middle of Sydney. It is NOT in the middle of Melbourne. It is most certainly not in the middle of both! It is not even half way between the two cities (if that is what you tried to infer). It is about 3 hours drive from Sydney and 6 from Melbourne. And I think you meant ‘purposely’ rather than ‘purposefully’. D’oh.

  • grammarnaziii October 12, 2014   Reply →

    I think you mean imply. Not infer. 😛 if you dish it out you have to take it!

  • Itrat Batool November 10, 2014   Reply →

    I just love these facts, want to get here as soon as possible.

  • Leanne May 12, 2015   Reply →

    Could you please send me the source details for your fact regarding the female convicts mass mooning the Governor in 1832? Believe this one might be an urban myth.

    • Dom September 7, 2015   Reply →

      Nah its true

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