5 Tips for Using Reddit to Promote Infographics

If you’re involved in web promotion you won’t have missed the rise of the social site Reddit.com.  In January it broke through 100,000 visitors on the site at one time and, according to Alexa, it is the 121st most visited site on the internet. Pretty big stuff.

With Digg.com dying a slow death, many marketers see Reddit as the new behemoth to push their content to go viral.  However, Reddit is not Digg. It is very easy to mess up and get your account/URL banned if you just dive in feet first.

Here are 5 tips for promoting your infographic on Reddit.com

1. Sub-Reddits


Over the last few years, Reddit has moved away from the Digg style generic front page of popular hits. Its success lays in the custom made sub forums- subreddits. It enables niche communities to develop and thus you can truly target your content.

So before you submit your content to the most popular subreddits, take a look at the content that hits that particular front page. Whilst you might decide that your infographic is funny, it’s doubtful to ever make it in /r/funny, as only imgur.com links (content placed on image sharing site) will ever hit the front page of that particular subreddit.

In general, the smaller subreddits are easier to gain traction. Yes, you will miss out on the 100k ‘uniques’ a day that we used to love on Digg, but now it’s all about context.

Someone who has taken the time to subscribe to a /r/baseball is going to be a fanatic. They are much more likely to have a blog or even share your content with their friends. Of course, your content must be baseball related and awesome!

The Tools

· Check out the long list of subreddits here: http://www.reddit.com/reddits/

· A great tool that can easily search the subreddits – http://subreddits.org/search.html

2. The New Section


Inherited from Digg, the ‘New’ section in Reddit shows the latest submitted links and users can upvote or downvote.

There can be problems submitting a link to a general or very popular subreddit. If it is a ‘non-trusted’ domain (which can cover an extremely wide range of links) it will most likely be blocked from appearing in this section. Always check that your link submission has appeared before trying to promote your link to friends and family clip_image002


I’m assuming that if you’re using Reddit, your content is awesome. Be sure to hit up a moderator if it’s not showing- a filter has probably blocked it. If your content is poor, you should steer well clear of Reddit. There are dedicated teams of people to search for spammers/marketers. If you’re caught out you will be immediately blocked from ever submitting content again.

3. The Title


Choosing the right title for Reddit can be tricky. I find that using Top 10 titles within your infographic headline generally get a poor response. If it appears promotional, the only thing you will be gaining is downvotes. It’s better to pick an engaging title from your content that you find interesting.

I like to use ‘Today I learnt…’ with an interesting topic to create an appealing title. Wacky titles draw attention, such as a meme quote, e.g. ‘Forever Alone Level 99’. Conversational titles work wonderfully. Take a look at your specific subreddit homepage to check out the style that works.

4. Friends


Before the Reddit crew get up in arms, I’m not suggesting you start paying for upvotes here, there and everywhere. But if you’re pushing quality content regularly then you should have some good quality relationships with bloggers/website users. It can’t hurt to find out if they would also like to upvote your content.

We often find that getting picked up through blogger outreach can lead to a large influx of traffic. With prominent social buttons on your site, you can improve the amount of reddit upvotes for your content.

5. Become a user


I have to admit I am now addicted to Reddit. If it you’re still just a peripheral user of the site, aim to understand why the site is such a hit. Keeping your finger on the Reddit pulse helps to keep you informed of the hourly ‘cool’ of the internet. It is a great place to see the type of content that does well, helping with new ideas.

I hope this post gives you a few pointers for next time you’re looking to promote you infographic on Reddit… be sure to leave your own tips in the comments below.

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