5 Great Interactive Infographics

Infographic is really an effective approach to present information in a manner that is simple to process and understand. Before, infographics are just a large image and oftentimes presented in flash content. Now, with Javascript, CSS3, and HTML 5, it is possible to build an entirely interactive infographic.


1. The Scale of the Universe

An interactive infographic that enables you to scroll through information from the tiniest components of the universe, all the way towards the approximated size of the whole universe.The scale of the universeclick the image


2. Is the Internet Awake?

An approximate view of day and night in the top 25 countries by number of broadband internet users – relative to eastern standard time.

Is the internet awake click the image


3. The Internet Worldwide

A highly visual infographic presenting data and giving some sense of where the internet is at right now.

The Internet Worldwide click the image


4. The World’s Best Countries

An interactive list of Newsweek’s best countries in the world.

The world's best countries

click the image


5. Organized Crime

An interactive infographic showing a complex network of criminal groups.

organized crime click the image

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