3 Ways to Create Highly Valuable Blog Content

valuable blog post

If you are a newbie blogger, creating a highly valuable blog content is easier said than done. You will soon encounter difficulties in developing ideas for your blog content. You may wonder why your blog get considerably less engagement and just a small number of views even if you have created a ton of blog posts. If you are having a difficulty making your content engaging, Rich Brooks from Social Media Examiner published an article that contains tips, strategies and tools for making blog contents that help your business grow.

In his article, he published three strategies in making your blog content very valuable. I really like the first strategy where he said that “your blog is not about your business, it is about your customers”. That is very true because without your customers, your business will not be successful. He will also teach you how to use some important tools for making this happen.

You can read the full article here: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/blog-content/

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  • Ian Smith December 29, 2012   Reply →

    Do you find “Google’s Adword Keyword Tool.” actually gives sufficiently accurate information, as Rich discusses in the original article? My experience with it has been very varied!

    • Danny December 29, 2012   Reply →

      The Google Tool Can be varied to say the least… I always try and use a couple of different tools as well.

      My personal favourite tool at the moment is the SEMRush tool (http://www.semrush.com) – you can try it for free but a premium account is needed for indepth research.

      Thanks for the comment Ian.

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