10 Amazing Wine Infographics


1. How to Choose a Bottle of Wine

A flowchart that will help you find the right wine.




2. The Different Types of Wine

The infographic is a chart of nearly 200 various types of wine, arranged by style and flavor.

18"x24" Poster Template



3. Bubbling Over: The Buzz On Sparkling Wine

The infographic will teach you all about sparkling wine, tips on how to serve and open your next wine bottle, what the labels indicate, and fascinating food pairings.

Bubbling Over The Buzz On Sparkling Wine



4. How Wine is Made

An infographic from Whichwinecooler.com which shows a 10-step process of making a wine.

How Wine is Made



5. What are Green Wines?

The infographic provides information on how wineries are going green by defining the four buzz words of green wine. These are Sustainable, Organic, Biodynamic and Natural.

What are Green Wines



6. Flying Wines

The infographic will tell you which wines are the best to drink in a plane.

Flying Wines



7. 12 Creative Ways to Recycle Wine Bottles

The infographic teaches you 12 artistic ways to reuse wine bottles.

12 Creative Ways to Recycle Wine Bottles



8. Most Prized Wines

The infographic shows the value of per-bottle auction for several vintages of the top 5 Bordeaux wines (Margaux, Haut-Brion, Lafite-Rothschild, Latour and Mouton Rothschild).

Most Prized Wines



9. Optimal Wine Temps

The infographic will show what is the right temperature in wine that can produce a substantial difference in the flavor.

Optimal Wine Temps



10. Temecula Valley

The infographic highlights some of the well-known local wineries as well as wine facts and consumption of wine in California and the United States.

Temecula Valley

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