Content Marketing Agency:

3 Reasons why you should choose NeoMam

If you are looking to find a content marketing agency that uses big expensive tools and wants to re-target your audiences to turn them into advocates, you'd better look elsewhere.

We see content marketing as something simple:


Editorially provided links

Increase in search visibility

Organic Revenue

If we do our job right then the results should be easy to understand:

Our clients are looking for us to attract big media coverage with every single campaign.

If it sounds like what you're after, read on:

Why do people share content?

Before creating any campaign, you need to have an understanding of why anyone will care enough to share.

Based on our experience of over 1,300 campaigns, we have seen that practical value ideas work well.

Creating content that provides a solution to a problem that a lot of people suffer from is a great way to make an impact.

It’s not just our experience, Jonah Berger in his book Contagious defined practical value as the fifth defining principle of why ideas go viral, based on a tonne of academic research.

In the campaign below we identified that many customers of Thomas Cook suffered from the problem of jet lag.

The results show some great media pickup, but it’s also interesting to see how individuals related to the content which we can see by the comments this piece received:

Seeing how real people engage with the substance is important because these are the people that big publishers are trying to reach.

Which brings us to our second point:

2. We understand why journalists share our content

Many assume we get great results because we have some secret agreement with top writers.

But that's not the case. We bring value to publishers and that's why they share our content.

Here is an example that explains the value we bring to journalists:

We produced the infographic 9 ways to make sure you have effective meetings.

We pitched to and achieved a feature here:

What is interesting is how this page performed:

This URL is just a repost of our content with an additional editorial from that journalist.

But it has over 6.3k shares.

What about links?

Not bad for simply answering one email and writing a short accompanying post.

Journalists feature our content because it’s in their best interest.

Featuring great content leads to visitors, shares and links.

3. We share the risk of content marketing with you

A quick look at Google for “content marketing” and you will see a massive amount of agencies that claim they do what we do.

How can you tell the difference between each agency?

The biggest fear of someone hiring a content marketing agency is you hire them, pay their large invoice and then nothing.

You have an OK looking piece of content but no results.

They tell you that this sometimes happens, but it’s just the luck of the draw.

At NeoMam we have decided fix this by sharing in this risk with the client.

If a campaign doesn’t work, we believe weas an agency have to make it right.

Does that mean that 100% of our content marketing campaigns will work? Nope.

But when it doesn’t, we make it right at no cost to our client.

Do you want to test our service?

Another way that we win the trust of our clients is through a test campaign.

No retainer model, just try one project and see for yourself how the results compare.

We find this process allows for clients to try our content marketing services before they commit to a long-term retainer.

We only have the capacity for one test campaign each month so be sure to reach out to our team to find out about our availability.